Where’s My Guidebook?: The Voyagers World Tour!


After its cancellation, Voyagers! (1982) achieved remarkable international status. Below are some of the countries the Time Travel series journeyed to.

The UK

Ireland – Voyagers! (1982) aired on RTÉ 1 (Raidió Teilifís Éireann) The Republic of Ireland’s National Broadcaster – Mondays at 6:00 pm during the summer of 1983. It was shown on RTE 2 in 1989, on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm.


On October 29, 2007, the UK released an Official Region-2 DVD with a brown box cover with a leather pattern resembling Bogg’s Guidebook.

South America

Brazil – In the early ’80s, SBT – Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão (Brazilian Television System) aired Voyagers! (1982).

In October 2017, the DVD was officially released through VINYX Media for its thirty-fifth Anniversary.

The discs were encased in a beautiful red, white, and brown box suggestive of Jeffrey’s clothing colors.


The subheading Os Viajantes Do Tempo (The Time Travelers) was added under the English title.

Mexico – No DVD release. Voyagers! (1982) aired on Televisa Channel 5 between 1983-84. Mexican fans were shocked to learn of Jon-Erik Hexum’s sudden tragic death on October 27, 1984, while the show was still being broadcast.


Germany – Voyagers! (1982) was shown on RTL Television in 1989.

Europa Records, a German label that produced successful children’s radio plays, performed six full episodes in 1990 and sold them on cassette tape with translated titles.

1. “Innocent Before Court” (“The Trial of Phineas Bogg”)

2. “Pirate Treasure” (“Old Hickory and the Pirate”)

3. “Buffalo Bill and the Queen” (“Buffalo Bill and Annie Play the Palace”)

4. “Light and Shadow” (“World’s Apart”)

5. “Betrayal of President Lincoln” (“The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln”)

6. “The End of a Legend” (“Bully and Billy”)

Germany released the complete series on DVD through Koch Media in July 2009. The title Die Zeitreisenden! took center stage with the English Voyagers! (1982) in a smaller font on the top right. A lot of care went into the packaging, and it included a supplementary episode guide with rare promotional photos. The Voyagers Guidebook website was listed among their sources of information.

*A page with the scanned features from the German DVD box and the radio program files will be forthcoming on this new blog website.

Greece – No DVD release. Voyagers! (1982) began airing August 15, 1985, on ERT (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) and again on MEGA in 1990.


China – Shanghai. No DVD release. Title – “时空游侠,” which means “Time and Space Traveling Ranger.”Dubbed in Mandarin. Voyagers! (1982) aired sometime between 1996-1999 on either “Shanghai Television” station (上海电视台) or “Shanghai Oriental Television” station (上海东方电视台).

Both stations later merged. Thanks to fans from China, we have this video, and you can watch the full Pilot Episode on Odysee!

Japan – No DVD release. Title – ボイジャーズ! (Voyagers!)

India – Bangladesh. In 1988, Voyagers! (1982) aired on BTV, Wednesdays at 9:00 pm for about one year.

The Philippines – No DVD release. In 1983, Voyagers! (1982) aired on the now-defunct Channel City 2. (Ch. 2)

Soviet Union – No DVD release. Путешественники во времени (Russian title) (Time Travelers) Air Dates unknown.

Thailand – No DVD release. Voyagers! (1982) Aired April 1983 on Channel 3.

In Vol. 6 No. 65 of Channel 3’s 10×14 inch, 1983 Thai TV Color Digest, the show received a full, two-page photo spread with a plot synopsis and small pictures on two additional pages. Voyagers! (1982) was also featured the show in different TV magazines at the time.

Turkey Flag

Turkey – No DVD release. Voyagers! (1982) (Zamanda Yolculuk) Aired from October 22, 1983, to February 25, 1984. It became one of the popular eighties “25th Century” Sci-Fi shows aired in the country. A fan on the Voyagers Guidebook Facebook group shared many Editorial cartoons and an article featuring Voyagers! (1982)

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