Voyagers! Chronological Timeline


The Voyagers! Chronological Timelines were once part of the former Voyagers Headquarters website and were originally created by fans Caroline Bigelow and Charles Mento. I added the historical figures, additional notes, and fact-checked the text and dates.

 Ice Age?WORLDS APART – The omni malfunctions in Siberia.

1450 BCVOYAGERS! (PILOT) – Bogg and Jeffrey rescue the infant Moses and send him in the Nile to the Pharaoh’s daughter.

1356 BCTHE TOMB OF KING TUT – Nefertiti, Thebes (Un-aired Script)

1311 BCTHE TOMB OF KING TUT – King Tut dies before his time (Un-aired Script)

73 BCCREATED EQUAL – Spartacus is captured and unable to lead the slave revolt. 

44 BCCLEO AND THE BABE – Mark Antony finds Cleopatra

1066VOYAGERS! (PILOT) – There shouldn’t be cannons in 1066.

1194AN ARROW POINTING EAST – Bogg and Jeffrey help Robin Hood and his Merry Men save Maid Marian.

1216AN ARROW POINTING EAST – The death of King John

1260TRAVELS OF MARCO…and FRIENDS – Niccolò and Maffeo Polo travel to and from China in 1269.

1271TRAVELS OF MARCO…and FRIENDS – Marco Polo journeys to China

1275TRAVELS OF MARCO…and FRIENDS – A red-light situation arises. Marco Polo, Kublai Khan, Marco Polo, and his family never arrived in China. Voyagers Bogg, Jeffrey, and Wolfstein must rescue them from the Kauranas.

1292TRAVELS OF MARCO…and FRIENDS – Marco Polo remained in service to Kublai Khan from 1275 until this year.

1527TRAVELS OF MARCO…and FRIENDS – The year of Machiavelli’s death. (Voyager Drake was his star pupil.)

1649THE KING AND THE VOYAGER – Queen Anne’s son Louis XIV trades places with Jeffrey., Charles de Lorraine (Un-aired script)

1669CLEO AND THE BABE – Bogg and Jeffrey meet Isaac Newton and coerce him to sit under the apple tree so he can discover the theory of gravity.

1692AGENTS OF SATAN – Salem Witch Trials. Bogg and Jeffrey rescue young Abiah Folger from false witchcraft accusations. Abiah later becomes the mother of Benjamin Franklin.

1746MERRY CHRISTMAS, BOGG – Young George Washington is persuaded by the Voyagers not to join the Navy.

1752BULLY AND BILLY – Bogg and Jeffrey help Ben Franklin with his kite so he can harness electricity in Pennsylvania, PA.

1776MERRY CHRISTMAS, BOGG – George Washington never joined the British Navy. He takes a historic trip across the Delaware River after Bogg and Jeffrey fix his history.

1798OLD HICKORY AND PIRATE – The Voyagers prevent Jean Lafitte from getting kidnapped by pirates and hung. They fend off pirates in search of buried treasure.

1799THE TOMB OF KING TUT – The smaller tomb is ransacked by Napoleon. (Un-aired Script)

1804OLD HICKORY AND THE PIRATE – Thanks to Bogg and Jeffrey, Lewis and Clark head in the right direction on their exploration.

1810OLD HICKORY AND THE PIRATE – Bogg and Jeffrey learn from Pierre Lafitte that Jean Lafitte, his brother, was captured by the Spanish and executed.

1814AGENTS OF SATAN – Francis Scott Key almost loses the Star-Spangled Banner poem in Baltimore, MD. And Bogg nearly tears it up.

1815OLD HICKORY AND THE PIRATE – Andrew Jackson’s forces win the Battle of New Orleans with Jean Lafitte.

1823OLD HICKORY AND THE PIRATE – Jean Lafitte dies in a sea battle with heavily armed Spanish privateers.

1832THE DAY THE REBS TOOK LINCOLN – London, England – Charles Dickens and fiancé Marion Brownlow learn about the Artful Dodger, Fagin, and Bill Sykes. This eventually inspired him to write the classic novel Oliver Twist.

1836REMEMBERING THE ALAMO – Davy Crockett, Bogg falls for a woman named Ella Curtis (Un-aired Script)

1836THE TRIAL OF PHINEAS BOGG – The Prince is a book by Niccolo Machiavelli. The Voyagers meet Bogg’s former classmates Voyager Drake and Voyager Susan. Bogg’s trial is presided by Voyager Tribunal Judges Garth, Brindle, and Kane. There seems to be no concept of time at Voyager Headquarters. Bogg’s Omni is disabled.

1847CREATED EQUAL – Hannibal, MO, Harriet Tubman should not be in the state of Missouri. Young Sam Clements helps Jeffrey free her from Bastain, the river gambler and slave owner. Bogg almost loses the Omni in a poker match for Harriet’s freedom.

1860SNEAK ATTACK – Jackie Knox, a ‘civilian’ from 1941, voyages from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii with Bogg and Jeffrey. Young Buffalo Bill Cody is a rider on the Pony Express. The Voyagers bring a motorcycle from 1941 to get past the outlaws on horseback.

1862THE DAY THE REBS TOOK LINCOLN – Lincoln is kidnapped in Pennsylvania, and the South prepares to win the Civil War.

1863THE DAY THE REBS TOOK LINCOLN – The timeline is repaired, and Lincoln gives his famous Gettysburg Address. Bogg and Jeffrey watch from the crowds.

1870THE TRAVELS OF MARCO…AND FRIENDS – Jeffrey inspires Clara Barton to start an American Red Cross after saving her life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

1875BARRIERS OF SOUND – Alexander Graham Bell and Mabel Hubbard are supposed to marry in 1877. Bogg falls in love with Mabel. This could be why the phone was not invented. Though it’s apparent that circumstances and Bell’s shyness kept him from approaching her. Mabel’s father gives Bell the financial support to create the phone.

1876BARRIERS OF SOUND – The Voyagers help Bell finish his work on the telephone.

1879WORLDS APART – Thomas Edison takes the Omni apart at his lab in Menlo Park, NJ

1880BULLY AND BILLY – Billy the Kid killed Teddy Roosevelt in the red-light history. Remington, the News artist, has a drawing for proof. Bogg and Jeff go back to correct it.

1884VOYAGERS OF THE TITANIC – Bogg and Voyager Olivia Dunn help Louis Pasteur make more of the rabies vaccine after a rabid dog bites Jeffrey.

1887BUFFALO BILL AND ANNIE OAKLEY PLAY THE PALACE – The Voyagers must stop the impending marriage of Princess Victoria and Duke Michael of Russia. Annie Oakley is captured by the Duke’s men. Queen Victoria condemns the marriage.

1889JACK’S BACK – London – Jack the Ripper reappears, but it is really Drake this time. Bogg is blamed for attacking Nellie Bly. Drake wants to kill Nellie Bly and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Bogg says he was the inspiration for Jules Verne’s hero in his book, Around the world in 80 Days.

1890 BARRIERS OF SOUND – Dwight D. Eisenhower’s mother is having trouble in childbirth, and telephones do not exist. When Bogg and Jeffrey return to the green-light time-zone, they help with the delivery after assisting Alexander Graham Bell.

1892MERRY CHRISTMAS, BOGG – Labor dispute with Samuel Gompers, and Jeffrey meets his great–grandparents, Stephen and Amy Jones. Bogg plans to leave Jeffrey with them at Stephen’s suggestion, but Jeffrey considers Bogg his real family now.

1898BULLY AND BILLY – Cuban war for independence against Spain. Bogg and Jeffrey help Roosevelt make it to San Juan Hill.

1903PILOT – Bogg and Jeffrey go to Kitty Hawk, NC, and can’t find the Wright Brothers. They go back to Dayton, OH, to their Bike shop.

1912VOYAGERS OF THE TITANIC – Molly Brown is on Titanic and befriends Jeffrey. Professional thieves steal the Mona Lisa and Voyager Olivia Dunn’s Omni.

1913BUFFALO BILL AND ANNIE PLAY THE PALACE – Dr. Albert Schweitzer is held hostage in Africa until his medicine can save the Tribal Chieftain. Bogg rescues his assistant Joseph from work-traders.

1914WORLDS APART – Lawrence of Arabia is captured at the Akaba prison, and Bogg attempts to rescue him with the help of a courageous kitchen slave named Medina.

1916REMEMBERING THE ALAMO – The Voyagers get tangled up in espionage in Switzerland during WWI with Mata Hari and Winston Churchill. (Un-aired script)

1917BUFFALO BILL AND ANNIE PLAY THE PALACE – Russian Revolution – The British allied with Russia and fight in the Revolution because of an unlikely marriage between Princess Victoria and the Duke of Russia.

1918 PILOT – WWI – Mary Murphy and Eddie Rickenbacker trapped in France – planes haven’t been invented, and the entire war is fought on the ground.

1919CLEO AND THE BABE – Babe Ruth pitches when he should be a hitter during spring training.

1922THE TOMB OF KING TUT –The tomb is opened. (Un-aired script)

1924AGENTS OF SATAN – Houdini believes Bogg and Jeffrey are from the ‘other side’ when they land at a séance. This creates a red light until they convince him otherwise.

1924DESTINY’S CHOICE – The first ‘talkie’ movie was written by FDR. Bogg and Eleanor Roosevelt must encourage him to walk. Sara Roosevelt – FDR’s mother, treats FDR as an invalid. Jeffrey must stop the script from getting mailed to Hollywood.

1927CLEO AND THE BABE – Cleopatra toys with Prohibition. She unwittingly teams up with Lucky Luciano to kidnap Babe Ruth before hitting his 60th home run.

1927AN ARROW POINTING EAST – Charles Lindbergh’s famous Trans-Atlantic flight; The Voyagers watch Lindbergh arrive in Paris.

1928DESTINY’S CHOICE – Hollywood, The Jazz Singer must get made – it is the first talkie. Franklin Roosevelt is the director of the first talking movie instead of in politics. The Omni is mistaken for a movie prop and confiscated. In the green-light history, The Jazz Singer is released nationally, and FDR is on his way to the White House.

1930THE TRAVELS OF MARCO POLO…AND FRIENDS – Bogg saves Albert Einstein and his wife from a giant falling crate. They meet retired Voyager Isaac Wolfstein and take him on their adventures.

1938ALL FALL DOWN – Boxer Joe Louis is in training but quits discouraged. Bogg and Jeffrey convince him not to give up the second fight with Max Schmelling. Bogg helps him with Jeffrey’s guidance.

1941SNEAK ATTACK – The Voyagers help save General MacArthur during the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Jackie Knox pushes the General out of the way of aerial gunfire.

1944SNEAK ATTACK – General MacArthur already died in Pearl Harbor, and it’s a red-light.

1945PURSUIT (aka RACE FOR SPACE) – In Austria, Bogg and Jeffrey meet Wernher Von Braun and his team of scientists. The Gestapo wants to turn Von Braun and the team over to the Russians.

1946TRAVELS OF MARCO…and FRIENDS – Bikini Atoll – A nuclear bomb-testing site. Bogg saves Voyager Wolfstein in the nick of time.

1969 PURSUIT – Apollo 11; The space program has been shut down in the red-light zone since German scientist Von Braun was captured by Russians in 1945. Every attempt at American space travel is a colossal failure, as seen by floating headlines.

1970ALL FALL DOWN – Jeffrey lands a hijacked plane after a sleeping gas knocks everyone out. The future president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, was on board.

1982VOYAGERS! (PILOT) – New York City. Phineas Bogg accidentally lands in Jeffrey Jones’ room and saves his life. Jeffrey is whisked away to fulfill his destiny as a Voyager, and the timeline begins all over again!


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