Voyager Theories: Red Lights, Green Lights, and Secret Societies


How many times have Bogg and Jeffrey vanished out of time zones in front of civilians? Is there a specific Voyager code against this? (Unless it’s a situation involving imminent danger and death, of course!) No matter who saw them disappear, there’s no real evidence, and who would even believe it? Yet, that quick exit could impact the future. Witnessing the Voyagers zap away could mess with someone’s mind for years to come, affecting their decisions and the future outcomes of random but important events.


It’s most likely VHQ (Voyagers Headquarters) views this as non-consequential to the flow of time, similar to throwing a pebble in a raging river. The constant surge of waters immediately overpowers the slight ripples a pebble creates. Likewise, when the blip in the timeline occurs after Bogg and Jeffrey shock people by vanishing, it’s forgotten, and life goes on.

Or does it?


I can imagine secret societies formed throughout history that seek out Voyagers and try to learn their secrets and the secrets of Time Travel. It would make for interesting stories! I picture an allied group that can help Voyagers when they land in pre-established time- zones, providing them food, clothing, shelter, and anything else they need. These groups could be present and available in red-light zones and green-light zones. They become part of the whole time loop if they are mandated by Voyagers Headquarters and given an official status. They may even get a cushy building on Planet Voyager to do their important work. But to me, it’s more fun if these helpers are civilians on earth. Part of their sacrifice requires understanding that history can change instantly for them, their families, friends, even their very existence.

If you’ve ever watched Highlander The Series, you’ll know about the secret society called “The Watchers.” According to the Highlander Wiki Page:

The Watchers are an ancient order of mortals originally created by Ammaletu, the Akkadian, after he saw the immortal Gilgamesh come back to life. Watchers observe the lives of immortals and record their observations. They are aware of The Game and The Rules. Their mission is to observe and record but never interfere. The Watchers have stated that once all of the Immortals are no more, they will tell the world that Immortals once walked among them.

I based some of my ideas for a Voyagers secret society on the Highlander TV series. Now that I’ve reminisced about that show, something looks very familiar here! One symbol is most likely meant to be a ‘W,’ and one’s a ‘V,’ but it’d be no surprise if designers on Highlander: The Series took their inspiration from Voyagers!


This tangent brings me to my Bogg and Jeffrey Vanish in Time List. One fine day I went through each episode to observe all the times Bogg and Jeffrey wooshed away, sometimes leaving behind stunned onlookers. Keep in mind, the Voyagers disappearing before witnesses in a full red-light zone is okay because that history is erased, and nobody remembers it but Bogg and Jeffrey. The others are labeled Red-Green-Light Zones because the Voyagers actively fix the problem in the linear time-line.



Bogg and Jeffrey shoot off into history from Jeffrey’s window. Bogg left behind his Voyager Guidebook, containing various Voyager codes, secrets of time, and even future events beyond 1970. There’s a possibility it could fall into the wrong hands, like Tom and Elizabeth, for starters. I like to imagine poor Ralph keeps the book hidden under his pillows because it has Jeffrey’s scent on it.

While in the Nazi getaway truck, Bogg and Jeff crash then disappear seconds before they’re caught. (Red-Light Zone)

The Voyagers vanish as Agnes consider’s Bogg’s fake marriage offer, and she’s left stumped and embarrassed. (Red-to Green-Light Zone)

Created Equal

Voyagers-Created-Equal-Episode 2

Bogg and Jeffrey tumble out of the sky in front of Cicero, his family, and many onlookers. Thankfully it’s believed they’d been catapulted in. (Red-Light Zone)

Bogg and Jeffrey escape the Roman guards before the spears hit them. (Red-Light Zone)

Bogg lands through the ceiling and into Octavia’s bedroom, no questions asked! (Red-Green-Light Zone)

Bogg and Jeffrey disappear on the docks by the Steamboat after Harriet Tubman leaves them. It’s possible they had witnesses, but the area seemed deserted. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

Bully and Billy

Voyagers-Bully-Billy-episode three

Bogg disappears where Rita can see him after Jeffrey scolds him about romance while the omni is red. (Red-Light Zone)

The Voyagers walk away and vanish with a lightning strike after helping Ben Franklin with his kite. It’s a good thing Franklin had scurried along too distracted in his electricity experiment. (Red-Green Light Zone)

Bogg and Jeffrey tumble right into the building where Rita and Roosevelt are held captive. (Red-Green Light Zone)

Bogg disappears with Jeffrey in front of Billy the Kid and everyone in town who witnessed the scene. She most likely missed it, being on cloud nine after Bogg’s kiss. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

Agents of Satan

Voyagers-Agents-Satan-episode four

Bogg and Jeffrey are imprisoned during the Salem Witch Trial hysteria. Jeffrey compares Rock and Roll and strict Puritanical living, and Bogg examines his omni in front of Abiah Folger. Bogg must’ve figured since they’d already fallen out of the sky, there’s no point in hiding it. (Red-Light Zone)

Abiah and the Voyagers escape the raging mob by jumping in the lake, Bogg opens the omni in front of her, and it’s red. He remarks that saving Ben Franklin’s mother wasn’t the cause. (Red-Light Zone)

As Bogg and Abiah kiss goodbye, Jeffrey rolls his eyes and reminds them of “Josiah in Boston.” Bogg sighs and says, “Right, we can’t forget little Ben.” (Red-Green-Light Zone)

The Voyagers land on top of the table in the middle of a Seance, causing a fright to the attendees and leading Houdini to believe in Margaret’s Supernatural gifts. (Red-Green Light Zone)

Bogg and Jeffrey are forced to take Harry Houdini out of his time-zone and quickly return him to escape the underground burial chamber. Houdini is amazed, but the Voyagers get away with it by reminding Houdini that a good magician never reveals his secrets. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

Worlds Apart

Voyagers-Worlds-Apart-episode five

The Voyagers land in the middle of a wild skirmish in the prison camp, hopefully unnoticed. (Red-Light Zone)

Jeffrey makes a rough landing on Edison’s front lawn, still covered in soot and coughing from the fire. Edison runs off to his Lab with the omni. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

When discussing the lightbulb with Edison’s assistant, Jeffrey tells him, I don’t think this is how it happened.” A curious statement to make, but thankfully it’s overlooked. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

Jeffre outright tells Edison that the omni is a time machine. It garners a big laugh from Edison, but what if he’d believed Jeffrey? (Red-Green-Light Zone)

After the Commandant smugly declares, “There isn’t a way in or out of this prison that I don’t know about,” Jeffrey falls atop him and helps Bogg, Lawrence, and Medina escape. (Red-Green Light Zone)

Cleo and the Babe

Voyagers-Cleo-Babe-episode six

The Voyagers vanish in front of the Romans hunting down Cleopatra. (Red-Light Zone)

Jeffrey teaches Babe Ruth batting techniques from the future to secure his success on the Red Sox and his trade-off to the New York Yankees. (Red-Green Light Zone)

Bogg allowed himself to be photographed for the newspapers as the latest pitching wunderkind. Won’t the media be surprised when he disappears without a trace? Voyager Headquarters will be surprised when they find Bogg in their Newspaper archives. The Voyagers leave the baseball field, and Babe Ruth happened to notice how fast they vanished. (Red-Green Light Zone)

Bogg, Jeffrey, and Cleo disappear in front of Lucky Luciano and his gangsters before trouble starts. (Red-Green Light Zone)

The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln

Voyagers-Rebs-Lincoln-episode 7

Bogg’s facing a Rebel firing squad, and Jeffrey runs over with the next date. They disappear in front of all the soldiers. (Red-Light Zone)

Bogg and Jeffrey are about to get caught by Fagin and Sikes. They disappear after finding their stolen omni, leaving the thieves in shock. (Green-Light Zone)

Old Hickory and the Pirate

Voyagers-Old-Hickory-Pirate-episode 8

The Voyagers land in a forest clearing in front of Native Americans who flee the scene. Lewis and Clark were too distracted reloading their guns to notice. (Red-Green Light Zone)

After talking with Pierre Lafitte, Bogg and Jeffrey vanish in front of Red-Coat soldiers. (Red-Light Zone)

The Travels of Marco Polo … and Friends

Voyagers-Travels-Marco-Polo-episode 9

Jeffrey lets it slip that he knows the theory of relativity. Einstein was astounded that he learned the subject in grade school. An annoyed Bogg stepped in and said Jeffrey’s father was also a Physicist. (Red-Green Light Zone)

The Voyagers and Isaac disappear in the middle of a busy Bronx street, stunning the angry moving man above. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

The Voyagers lay face-down before Emperor Khan and are ordered to tell him what happened to Marco Polo and the Pope’s Holy Oil. They check the omni and blip away in front of him and the guards. (Red-Light Zone)

Jeffrey heroically performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Clara Barton in 1870 and saves her life. In an instance of the “Bootstrap” time-travel theory, Jeffrey tells Clara he’d learned the method from the Red Cross program for Junior Lifeguards. Clara creates the Red Cross 11 years later, in 1881. (Red to Green-Light Zone)

The Voyagers bicker with Isaac as they all disappear, shocking Clara and her assistant nurse Jenny. They clearly believed it was divine intervention. (Green-Light Zone)

An Arrow Pointing East

Voyagers-Arrow-Pointing-East-Episode 10

Robin Hood’s wound is infected, so Jeffrey takes charge. He makes a broth and cleans the wound with alcohol, giving everyone a lesson on germs. Now the adventures of Robin Hood and his Merry Men can continue for years to come since they know proper wound care from the future. (Green-Light Zone)

The Voyagers make an omni escape in front of King John’s soldiers, just missing their arrows. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

Merry Christmas Bogg

Voyagers-Merry-Christmas-Bogg-episode 11

Bogg and Jeffrey escape the stocks in front of another prisoner after learning Washington joined the Navy. (Red-Light Zone.)

When they’re cornered by an angry dog, Bogg and Jeffrey disappear in front of the Union thieves. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

Buffalo Bill and Annie Play the Palace

Voyagers-Buffalo Bill-Annie-Oakley-Palace-episode 12

The Voyagers leave as soon as the soldier turns his head, and he’s left confused when they’re nowhere to be seen. (Red-Light Zone)

Bogg and Jeffrey fall out of the sky and check the omni in front of the Tribe Warriors. (Red-to-Green Light Zone)

Bogg and Jeffrey were inside Annie’s tent when she got kidnapped. Bogg gets knocked out, and Jeffrey activates the omni just in time. However, the Duke’s advisor and his thugs watched the tent explode, and there seemed no way for the Voyagers to escape in time. (Red to Green-Light Zone)

The Trial of Phineas Bogg

Voyagers-Trial-episode 13

Nothing to really say for this episode; I just wanted to be a completionist. When the Voyagers fall into the courtroom, the omni globe is blacked out and the circuits are deactivated until the Omni Memory Recorder scans it.

Sneak Attack

The Voyagers disappear in front of the Filipino soldiers. (Red-Light Zone)

Bogg and Jeffrey disappear with Jackie Knox. They land in the Old West, falling out of the sky in front of young Buffalo Bill Cody. (Red-Light Zone)

The Voyagers manage to convince Jackie about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Her last-ditch attempts to warn the soldiers on the base are seen as a joke … until it’s a genuine threat. (Green-Light Zone)

The Voyagers literally drive a WWII army vehicle in 1860 and crash it over a cliff. Burnt metal parts are most likely scattered all over for someone to find 84 years too early. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

Voyagers of the Titanic

Voyagers-Titanic-episode 15

Jeffrey panics about the loss of lives and families. He warns everyone from Molly Brown to Captain Smith of the impending collision with the iceberg. Molly believes him and wants to help, but everyone is skeptical. After Jeffrey is dragged away, Captain Smith appears ruffled and orders more Sea Men on the watch. Jeffrey’s interference may have thwarted an even greater tragedy. (Red-Green Light Zone)

The Voyagers all land in Louis Pasteur’s Lab right in front of him as he attempts to capture a rabid dog. As Pasteur’s treating Jeffrey’s wound, Bogg and Olivia argue about the Titanic, Voyager School, and the omni in front of him. (Red-Green Light Zone)

Jeffrey stands up in the cramped lifeboat and allows another person to take his place on board. He disappears while everyone’s attention is seemingly on the sinking ship. Molly, however, is left wondering where he went, possibly believing the rest of her life that he fell overboard and drowned. (Red-Green-Light Zone)


Voyagers-Pursuit-episode 16

The Voyagers disappear after the “Nasa” shop owner goes into his store for less than a minute. He returns, and they’re gone. (Red-Light Zone)

Destiny’s Choice

Voyagers-Destinys-Choice-episode 18

Bogg and Jeffrey land in the back of a full Courtroom movie set, and somehow no one, from the actors and extras, to the film crew, noticed. (Red-Light Zone)

Just before Veronica Bliss drops them off at the movie studio, Bogg and Jeffrey have a quick discussion about finding the omni in the props department. Bogg wants to stick close to Roosevelt, who’s in danger. Jeffrey insists, “If we find the omni and fix everything, nothing like this would ever happen.” Meanwhile, Veronica’s biting her lip, wondering how man marbles these young fellas actually have. (Red-Light Zone)

Bogg and Jeffrey read the correct history from the Trade papers, share a cup of chili, and vanish. Hopefully, the two men getting Lunch from Caterer Veronica Bliss didn’t happen to see it or anyone else running by in the busy movie studio. (Green-Light Zone)

All Fall Down

Voyagers-All-Fall-Down-episode 18

After Joe Louis loses a boxing match to Bogg, his angry friend wants revenge and to spar against Bogg. As they lace up the gloves, the Voyagers decide it’s best to leave and disappear in front of Joe’s colleagues. The strange thing is no one mentions it at all when they return to train Joe. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

The Voyagers land in an airplane in mid-flight. However, a point is made to show that the Stewardess had her back turned, and the passengers who would’ve seen them were gazing out the window in the opposite direction. Now they looked like stowaways. (Red-to-Green-Light Zone)

Barriers of Sound

Bogg and Jeffrey disappear in front of the old man’s house instead of walking out of clear sight after learning the telephone needs to be invented. They didn’t know the old man spied on them from his window. (Red-Light Zone)

The Voyagers land on a storefront awning with onlookers around. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

Jack’s Back

Voyagers-Jacks-Back-episode 20

Voyager Drake disappeared twice in front of Nellie Bly and once in front of Arthur Conan Doyle. He’d clearly shown them it’s the omni that holds power. Bogg has the same device, so Nellie correctly suspects that he can also disappear. (Red-Green-Light Zone)

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