Fan-Made Screen Accurate Voyagers! Omni

Voyagers! fan Chris has been constructing custom Omnis for years as a hobby. He finally achieved the desired screen accuracy in his fourth and current version. This version has custom laser-engraved dials made by an Omni manufacturer on Etsy: Project Custom: Voyagers Omni Prop Replica – New Brass Dial Upgrade Option.


Chris received a sweet memory and glowing compliment from Meeno Peluce, who played Phineas Bogg’s 12-year-old sidekick and best friend, Jeffrey Jones.


“Oh, Chris! You nailed it! That makes me so happy. It stirs some great memories from the days of making Voyagers! Particularly, it reminded me of Jon-Erik’s hands. He was such a role model for me at that age. And we’d be shooting a scene, looking down at the Omni in his hands and I’d think, Yes, that’s the hands of a man. That’s what I get to look forward to. Strength, creativity, assured and steady. Great memories. And though my fingers are a bit stiff upon waking these days, I’ve grown to have my own pair of very manageable hands. It was great to have a guide, though. We all need clarity of vision for the Voyage ahead …” – M E E N O.

The dials on Chris’ Omni were custom-made smaller to match its size. The phrases “V” and “Time Waits for No Man” were punched onto the lid using a hammer and center punch, just like they did on the original TV omni. The electronics were all redone with a new, improved soundboard with randomized sound escape sounds, including the show’s theme song. The globes were all sized to fit with magnets and steel to keep them in place. Ping-pong balls were used to make the globes, which they apparently used in the original TV Omnis. This makes for a smooth surface for the Testors Enamel model paint and gives a nice shape. To shield the soundboard, magnetic shielding was added, which added to the weight.

I’m looking forward to seeing the construction video showing Chris’ process. I’d also like to thank him for showcasing the Omni page of my Voyagers Guidebook website in his video. Please like and subscribe to Chris’ interesting Voyagers! Themed YouTube channel: Canscify.


    • Hi John, thanks for writing. I’m sorry for this very late reply. I’m unsure about the omnis being sold on Ebay. Those may be older versions from Replica Props. I haven’t checked eBay in a long time. Last I remember, Chris only designed Omnis as a hobby. I unfortunately haven’t had the time to update my websites in a long while, but Chris has uploaded 2 videos in the past month featuring more updates. I’ll add them to this post.

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