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Information provided by: Thomas Higginson –
"The Airwolf Guidebook"

1. In the pilot ep, the baby floats down Santa Clarita River, at the base of Grapevine Mesa at Indian Dunes.

2. In the pilot episode, Boggs launches the plane from the top of Airport Mesa, about .5 miles north from Magic Mountain, also at Indian Dunes.

3. In "Sneak Attack", most of the horse chasing sequences were shot in Chiquita Canyon.  The area is completely destroyed now and is a landfill.

4. In "Bully and Billy", most of the horse riding scenes were shot at Indian Dunes (near the same location where the baby floats down the river) and out at Vasquez Rocks.

5. In "Sneak Attack", the waterfall scenes were shot at Nagana Falls, on the Universal Backlot. I have no idea where that island/peninsula is from the establishing shot used in Sneak Attack.

6. In "An Arrow Pointing East", the Lindbergh hangar sequences were filmed at Whiteman airport in Los Angeles.  The hangar is demolished today.

7. In the ep "Rebs Took Lincoln", the rebel camp is well-used prop camp in 1980s film and television.  It was originally built for the Chuck Norris film "Octagon".  Parts of the set survived the filming and were later incorporated into additions added for the Richard Pryor film "Some Kind of Hero".  The set was owned by Newhall Land, which also owned Indian Dunes.  It was known as the "Mexican Village" set.  As far as I can tell, this set was last used in an episode of China Beach and Tour of Duty before it was permanently struck.

8. Many scenes in "The Travels of Marco Polo" were shot at Point Dume, Malibu beach.

9. One of the bad-guy Russians in the episode "Buffalo Bill and Annie Play the Palace" is Ron Stein.  The Russian dubbing is looped, and hardly relevant to the scene at hand.

10. One of the prop vintage portraits hanging on a wall in "Barriers of Sound" was later used as a portrait in the cabin set for the hero of "Airwolf." That portrait was hung next to Stringfellow Hawke's dining table in the "Airwolf" cabin set.  See the attached photo.

11. Another painting (small and not very clear in the episode) from "Merry Christmas, Bogg" was also borrowed for use in the Stringfellow Hawke cabin set. You see that little painting hanging by the door in the episode.

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The cool page features detailed screen-caps from the DVD's showcasing the great Universal sets along with their 
proper Studio names.

Universal Studios 2017

In the last 9 years, Universal Studios had suffered an enormous fire that destroyed many of the beloved familiar sets that we see in all these photos. 

Time went on and Universal rebuilt bigger and better than ever. On top of that, they've kept the integrity of all the original sets in tact and they're still recognizable from Voyagers! and our other favorite Universal TV shows. 

For more info and gorgeous new images, check out The Universal Studios Lot website and click Stages & Backlots. From the dropdown menu, choose "Backlots." 

Universal Studio Sets (2008)

My friend Dayna Budde visited Universal and kindly sent along pictures from the various sets used time and again in Voyagers! Below are the shots she took in 2008. After looking at all these images, one comes to learn that Voyagers and Universal Studios in general got a lot of mileage out of their sets! And no doubt still do today. I have seen these sets used in two of my other favorite Universal shows, The Incredible Hulk and Quantum Leap.

Voyagers! Set Photos by Debbie Sheldon

The top of the Pirate ship as seen in the Pilot Episode of Voyagers!
2 shots of the Queen of St. Louis Riverboat from Hannibal in the episode, Created Equal.

2 shots of the New York streets, seen in Various Episodes of the series. Most notably, Cleo and the Babe & The travels of Marco Polo... and Friends.

Edison's house and Laboratory from World's Apart.

A section of the Mexican town, seen in many different episodes, particularly, Bully and Billy, World's Apart, and The trial of Phineas Bogg.

Official Universal Studios Set Tour Photos used on Voyagers!