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Voyagers! Historical Timelines

The Voyagers! Episode and Chronological Timelines were once part of the "Voyagers Headquarters" website and were originally created by fans Caroline Bigelow and Charles Mento. 

I added historical figures, notes, and fact checked the text and dates.

The Voyagers! Episode Timeline

1. Voyagers!

Historical figures:

Baby Moses, Mary Murphy (Pickford), Eddie Rickenbacker, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Red Baron (Manfred von Richthofen), an invading Mongolian Army. (In the Voyagers! Junior Novel Jeffrey recognizes Ghengis Khan.)

Omni Timeline:

1982 – New York, NY

1450 – BC Egypt

1211 – Mongolia

1918 – France

1903 – Kitty Hawk, NC

1903 – Dayton, OH

1918 – France

1066 – England

2. Created Equal

Historical figures:

Spartacus, Cicero, Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) Harriet Tubman

Omni Timeline:

73 BC – South of Italy

1847 – Hannibal, MO

3. Bully and Billy

Historical figures:

Richard Harding Davis, Frederic Remington, Benjamin Franklin, Billy the Kid (William Bonny) Teddy Roosevelt

Omni Timeline:

1898 – Cuba

1880 – Old West

1752 – Philadelphia, PA

4. Agents of Satan

Historical figures:

Abiah Folger, Francis Scott Key, Harry Houdini

Omni Timeline:

November 12-14, 1692–Salem, MA

1924 – Boston, MA

1814 – Baltimore, MD

5. Worlds Apart

Historical Figures:

Lawrence of Arabia, Thomas Edison, John Kruesi, J.P Morgan

Omni Timeline:

Ice Age? – Siberia

1917 – Middle East

October 19-21, 1879 – Menlo Park, NJ

1917 – Middle East

December 21 1879 – Menlo Park, NJ

6. Cleo and the Babe

Historical Figures:

Cleopatra, Lucky Luciano, Sir Isaac Newton, Babe Ruth, Julius Caesar, Admiral Doubleday and Lou Gherig are mentioned by name.

Omni Timeline:

March 15 44 BC – Rome

1927 – New York, NY

1919 – Florida

1669 – England

7. The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln

Historical Figures:

Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, Charles Dickens, Marian Brownlow, Fagin, Bill Sykes, Artful Dodger, Mary (They are characters from the novel Oliver Twist, but according to Voyagers! they existed in real history.)

Omni Timeline:

November 18, 1863 – Gettysburg, PA

April 18, 1862 – Washington, DC

1832 – London, England

8. Old Hickory and the Pirate

Historical Figures:

Pierre Lafitte, Merriwether Lewis, William Clark, Jean Lafitte, Andrew Jackson

Omni Timeline:

1810 – New Orleans, LA

1803 – Northwest Passage, USA

1798 – Nassau, Bahamas

January 8, 1815 – New Orleans, LA

9. The Travels and Marco...and Friends

Historical Figures:

Albert Einstein, Clara Barton, Marco Polo, Niccolò and Maffeo Polo, Kublai Khan – Emperor of Mongolia, Tartars, Karaunas (Raiders of Indian and Mongolian descent in Upper Persia.)

Omni Timeline:

1870 – Eastern France

July 1, 1946 – Marshall Islands

August 13, 1275 – China (Mongolia)

1272 – Persia; Hormuz, Persian Gulf

December 11, 1930 – New York, NY

10. An Arrow Pointing East

Historical Figures: Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck, Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John, Maid Marian – A few are characters of legend, but purported to be real according to Voyagers!, Charles Lindbergh, Harold Bixby, Doc Kimball

Omni Timeline:

1194 – Sherwood Forest, England

May 19-20, 1927 – Roosevelt Field, NY

May 21, 1927 – Paris, France

11. Merry Christmas, Bogg

Historical Figures: Samuel Gompers, George Washington

Omni Timeline:

December 25, 1776 – New Jersey

1746 – Virginia

December 24, 1892 – Pittsburgh, PA

12. Buffalo Bill and Annie Play the Palace

Historical Figures: Queen Victoria, Princess Victoria, Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia

Omni Timeline:

1917 – Russia

1887 – England

1913 – Central Africa

13. The Trial of Phineas Bogg

Historical Figures: Sam Houston, Flashbacks in the Omni Memory Recorder to past episodes and historical voyages.

Omni Timeline:

Voyager Headquarters (Outer dimensions of Time and Space?)

1836 – Mexico

14. Sneak Attack

Historical Figures: Buffalo Bill Cody (Teenager), General Douglas MacArthur

1944 – Philippines

December 6, 1941 – Pearl Harbor, HI

April, 1860 – Nevada

December 8, 1941 – Pearl Harbor, HI

15. Voyagers of the Titanic

Historical Figures: Molly Brown, J. Bruce Ismay, Captain Edward J. Smith, Dr. Louis Pasteur, The Mona Lisa painting, Vincenzo Perrugia - mentioned by name from The Voyagers Guidebook. 

Omni Timeline:

April 14, 1912 – North Atlantic

1884 – France

1912 – France

16. Pursuit

Historical Figures: Werner Von Braun

Omni Timeline:

1969 – Cape Canaveral, FL

May 2, 1945 – Austria

17. Destiny's Choice

Historical Figures: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sara Roosevelt, Terrible Tots (Stand-ins for the original "Little Rascals" of the 1920's)

Omni Timeline:

1928 – Hollywood, CA

1924 – New York, NY

1928 – Hollywood, CA

18. All Fall Down

Historical Figures: Joe Louis, Jimmy Carter (He was a passenger that walked off the plane Jeffrey had landed, but was not mentioned by name. Jeffrey recognized him as he was to become the President of the United States during his time.)

Omni Timeline:

June 1938 – New Jersey

February 1970 – Over Nevada

1938 – New Jersey

19. Barriers of Sound

Historical Figures: Alexander Graham Bell, Mabel Hubbard, Gardiner Greene Hubbard, Thomas A. Watson, Dwight D. Eisenhower (newborn)

Omni Timeline:

1890 – Denison, TX

1875 – Boston, MA

1876 – Boston, MA

20. Jack's Back

Historical Figures: Nellie Bly, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne is mentioned by name.

Omni Timeline:

November 19, 1889 – London, England

The Voyagers! Chronological Timeline

Ice Age? – WORLDS APART – Siberia, the omni is malfunctioning.

1450 BC – VOYAGERS! (PILOT) – Bogg and Jeffrey rescue the infant Moses and send him up the Nile to the Pharaoh’s daughter.

1356 BC – THE TOMB OF KING TUT – Nefertiti, Thebes (This is included because it came from an unaired Voyagers! Script.)

1311 BC – THE TOMB OF KING TUT – King Tut dies before his time (This is included because it came from an unaired Voyagers! Script.)

73 BC – CREATED EQUAL – Spartacus was captured and unable to lead the slave revolt.

44 BC – CLEO AND THE BABE - Mark Antony finds Cleopatra

1066 – VOYAGERS! (PILOT) – There should not be cannons in 1066.

1194 – AN ARROW POINTING EAST – Bogg and Jeffrey help Robin Hood and his Merry Men save Maid Marian.

1211 – VOYAGERS! (PILOT) – Bogg and Jeffrey land in the midst of a huge battle and quickly omni out. In the original script, it was said to be a battle led by Ghengis Khan.

1216 – The death of King John. (Related to An Arrow Pointing East and Robin Hood Folklore.)

1260 – Niccolò and Maffeo Polo travel to China and back in 1269.

1271 – Marco Polo journeys to China 

1275 – TRAVELS OF MARCO...and FRIENDS – Marco Polo, Kublai Khan; Marco Polo and his family never arrived. Voyagers Bogg, Jeffrey and Wolfstein must rescue them from the Kauranas.

1292 – Marco Polo was in service to Kublai Khan from 1275 until this year.

1527 – The year of Machiavelli's death. (Voyager Drake was his star pupil.)

1649 – THE KING AND THE VOYAGER – Queen Ann, son Louis XIV trades places with Jeffrey, Charles de Lorraine. (This is included because it came from an unaired Voyagers! Script.)

1669 – CLEO AND THE BABE – Bogg and Jeffrey meet Isaac Newton and get him under the apple tree.

1692 – AGENTS OF SATAN – Salem Witch trials. Bogg and Jeffrey rescue Abiah Folger. She is the mother of Benjamin Franklin.

1746 – MERRY CHRISTMAS BOGG – Young George Washington is persuaded by Jeffrey not to leave home for the Navy.

1752 – BULLY AND BILLY – Bogg and Jeffrey help Ben Franklin to conduct electricity with his kite and key in Pennsylvania.

1776 – MERRY CHRISTMAS, BOGG – George Washington’s historic trip across the Delaware River. Bogg and Jeff had to make history right by making sure he never joined the British Navy.

1798 – OLD HICKORY AND PIRATE – The Voyagers prevent Jean Lafitte from getting kidnapped by pirates and hung. Together they fend off pirates in search of buried treasure.

1799 – THE TOMB OF KING TUT – Smaller tomb is ransacked by Napoleon. (This is included because it came from an unaired Voyagers! Script.)

1804 – OLD HICKORY AND THE PIRATE – Thanks to Bogg and Jeffrey, Lewis and Clark head in the right direction.

1810 – OLD HICKORY AND THE PIRATE – Bogg and Jeffrey learn from Pierre Lafitte that his brother Jean was captured by the Spanish and executed.

1814 – AGENTS OF SATAN – Francis Scott Key almost loses the Star Spangled Banner, Baltimore, MD and Bogg crumples it up!

1815 – OLD HICKORY AND THE PIRATE – Andrew Jackson's forces win Battle of New Orleans with Jean Lafitte.

1823 –Jean Lafitte is wounded and dies in a sea battle with heavily armed Spanish privateers.

1832 – THE DAY THE REBS TOOK LINCOLN – London, England – Charles Dickens and fiancé Marion Brownlow learn about the Artful Dodger, Fagin, and Bill Sykes. This will eventually inspire him to write Oliver Twist.

1836 – REMEMBERING THE ALAMO – Davy Crockett, Ella Curtis – survivor of the Alamo

1836 – THE TRIAL OF PHINEAS BOGG – book of Niccolo Machiavelli – evil Voyager Drake prosecutes Bogg on many charges. Voyager Susan is Bogg's defense lawyer and Voyager Judges Garth, Brindle, and Kane preside over Bogg's trial. There appears to be no concept of time at Voyagers Headquarters.

1847 – CREATED EQUAL – Hannibal, MO, young Harriet Tubman is a runaway slave. Sam Clements has a few adventures with Jeffrey, which inspire him later in life to write The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and other stories under the name, "Mark Twain."

1860 – SNEAK ATTACK – Pony Express; Jackie Knox from 1941 – voyages from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii with Bogg and Jeffrey. Buffalo Bill is a rider for the Pony Express; The Voyagers bring a motorcycle from 1941 to get past outlaws.

1862 – THE DAY THE REBS TOOK LINCOLN – Lincoln's kidnapping in Pennsylvania made the South close to winning the war.

1863 – Lincoln gives his famous Gettysburg Address. Bogg and Jeffrey watch from the crowds.

1870 – TRAVELS OF MARCO…AND FRIENDS – Clara Barton is inspired by Jeffrey to start an American Red Cross.

1875 – BARRIERS OF SOUND – Alexander Graham Bell and Mabel Hubbard are supposed to marry in 1877. Bogg falls in love with Mabel! This is why the phone was not invented. Mabel's father gave Bell the financial support to work on the telephone after she and Bell were married.

1876 – BARRIERS OF SOUND – The Voyagers help Bell finish the telephone.

1879 – WORLD’S APART – Thomas Edison perfects the lightbulb with Jeffrey's help, and takes the omni apart, Menlo Park, NJ

1880 – BULLY AND BILLY – Billy the Kid killed Teddy Roosevelt.

1884 – VOYAGERS OF THE TITANIC – Bogg, Jeffrey, and Voyager Olivia Dunn help Louis Pasteur make the rabies vaccine after a rabid dog bites Jeffrey.

1887 – BUFFALO BILL AND ANNIE OAKLEY PLAY THE PALACE – England, Queen Victoria. The Voyagers must stop the impending marriage of Princess Victoria and Duke Michael of Russia and save Annie Oakley from kidnapping.

1889 – JACK'S BACK – London, Jack the Ripper appears again but this time it is really Drake. Bogg is blamed for attacking Nellie Bly. Drake wants to kill Nellie Bly and may also get Arthur Conan Doyle as well. Bogg is the inspiration for Jules Verne's hero in "Around the world in 80 days."

1890 – BARRIERS OF SOUND – Dwight D. Eisenhower's mother is having trouble in childbirth and no one has ever heard of a telephone. Bogg and Jeffrey return to help with the delivery after assisting Alexander Graham Bell.

1892 – MERRY CHRISTMAS BOGG – Labor dispute with Samuel Gompers, Jeffrey meets his great–grandparents, Stephen and Amy Jones. Bogg plans to leave Jeffrey in a real home with them but cannot leave him behind.

1898 – BULLY AND BILLY – Cuban war for independence against Spain. Bogg and Jeffrey help Roosevelt make it to San Juan Hill.

1903 – PILOT – Bogg and Jeffrey go to Kitty Hawk, NC, but cannot find the Wright Brothers. They have to go back to Dayton, OH to their Bike shop.

1912 – VOYAGERS OF THE TITANIC – Molly Brown is on Titanic; Professional thieves, who have also stolen the Mona Lisa, steal Voyager Olivia Dunn’s Omni.

1913 – BUFFALO BILL AND ANNIE OAKLEY PLAY THE PALACE – Albert Schweitzer is being held hostage in Africa until the medicine can come to save the Tribal chieftain. Bogg rescues his assistant Joseph from slave traders.

1914 – WORLDS APART – Lawrence of Arabia is captured at the Akaba prison and Bogg attempts to rescue him with the help of a kitchen slave, Medina.

1916 – REMEMBERING THE ALAMO – WWI, Mata Hari, Winston Churchill, Switzerland (This is included because it came from an unaired Voyagers! Script.)

1917 – BUFFALO BILL AND ANNIE OAKLEY PLAY THE PALACE – Russian Revolution – British allied with Russia and are fighting in the Revolution because of an unlikely marriage with Princess Victoria and the Duke of Russia.

1918 – PILOT – WWI – Mary Murphy and Eddie Rickenbacker trapped in France – planes haven't been invented and the entire war is fought on ground.

1919 – CLEO AND THE BABE – Babe Ruth is still pitching during spring training.

1922 – THE TOMB OF KING TUT is being opened. (This is included because it came from an unaired Voyagers! Script.)

1924 – AGENTS OF SATAN – Houdini is at a séance and believes Bogg and Jeff are from the 'other side,' creating a red light until they go back and convince him otherwise.

1924 – DESTINY'S CHOICE – The first ‘talkie’ movie is written by FDR. Bogg, and Eleanor Roosevelt must encourage him to try to walk. Sara Roosevelt – FDR's mother, treats FDR as an invalid. Jeffrey must stop the script from getting mailed to Hollywood.

1927 – CLEO AND THE BABE – Cleopatra, Prohibition, Cleopatra teams up with Lucky Luciano to kidnap Babe Ruth!

1927 – AN ARROW POINTING EAST – Charles Lindbergh becomes famous after his Trans-Atlantic flight; Voyagers watch Lindbergh arrive in Paris.

1928 – DESTINY'S CHOICE – Hollywood, The Jazz Singer must get made; Franklin Roosevelt is the director of a movie instead of in politics. The omni is mistaken for a movie prop and confiscated. In the final corrected history, The Jazz Singer is released nationally in January of 1928 and FDR is on his way to the White House.

1930 – THE TRAVELS OF MARCO POLO…AND FRIENDS – Bogg saves Albert Einstein and his wife from a falling crate. They meet retired Voyager Isaac Wolfstein and take him on their adventures.

1938 – ALL FALL DOWN – Joe Louis trains but quits; Bogg and Jeffrey convince him to train harder and fight Max Schmelling. Bogg helps him with Jeffrey’s guidance.

1941 – SNEAK ATTACK – The Voyagers save General MacArthur from the Pearl Harbor bombing.

1944 – SNEAK ATTACK – General MacArthur already died in Pearl Harbor and it’s a red light.

1945 – PURSUIT (aka RACE FOR SPACE) – Werner Von Braun, Austria, Nazis, Gestapo.

1946 – TRAVELS OF MARCO...and FRIENDS – Bikini Atoll – A nuclear bomb-testing site. Bogg saves voyager Wolfstein in nick of time.

1969 – PURSUIT – Apollo 11; space program shut down since German scientist Von Braun was captured by Russians in WWII, 1945.

1970 – ALL FALL DOWN – Jeffrey lands a hijacked plane after gas knocks everyone out, Jimmy Carter was on board.

1982 – VOYAGERS! (PILOT) – New York City. Phineas Bogg accidentally lands in Jeffrey Jones’ room and saves his life, whisking him away to fulfill his destiny as a Voyager.