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Tenafly Jack

The Tenakin & High School Band

Jon-Erik was in the marching band and he was the first male cheerleader in Tenafly High School. Below is a copy of the 'Tenakin' from 1975, Jon's Junior year. I have also posted the pictures from within. Special thanks to Dennis Daugherty of the JEH Fan Club for sending them along.

Download 'The Tenakin' PDF

Jon-Erik traveled with the Tenafly High band to Pasadena, CA, where they marched in the Rose parade in 1973. He would have been a freshman in High School. Thanks to Doug Eames of the JEH Fanclub for finding this!

Little Jack Hexum

Blondie Jon-Erik in his first grade class picture, circa 1963

DJ Jon-Erik: Yukon Jack

Listen here to Jack as the WJIM DJ in Lansing, Michigan during college.

Jack at MSU

Download the MSU Red Cedar Log cover and class photo page

*It's curious to note that Jon-Erik is officially listed as 'Jack Hexum' A spurious claim during his Hollywood days was that only close friends and family were allowed to call him Jack. I highly doubt he would have minded –Jon, Jack, Larry, Stan...;-)

The Class of '76 DVDS

Jewel case size covers

Brand Size Covers (Sony, etc.)

(Trim as needed)

A Message from the Jon-Erik Hexum Fan Club & Archive

These long-forgotten gems sat in a box in JP Mullin's attic for nearly 32 years until he discovered them and donated them to the Club. The original tapes, a now-obsolete type of open reel video, were transferred to DVD in March 2008. 

If you would like a complete copy of the 61-minute tape and/or the 90+ minute "Lack of Talent Show", please contact Doug or Alan for further details.

I highly recommend that any and all Jon-Erik fans own this collection. It's a prime opportunity to see him before the Hollywood glitz and watch him ham it up with his friends during his High School glory days.

In Memory of J.P. Mullin

On November 21st 2008, Jon-Erik's High School teacher and close friend, Mr. J.P. Mullin, passed away. He was known to be a spirited, funny, and dedicated mentor who touched many lives at Tenafly High School.

J.P. graciously offered his time and personal memorabilia from Jon's Class of '76 to the JEHFC. He corresponded eagerly with Jon's fans, including myself (all too briefly), and he had quite a few stories to tell about his time with Jon. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends. The JEHFC posted an obituary page for J.P. here –

In memory of John Patrick Mullin

J.P. always had nothing but kind things to say about Jon-Erik, and here are two quotes that I found very touching in the letters he wrote to me.

"The Class of '76 and Jack in particular, were a great experience. We  had a major activity every month...there was no work...just fun...and Jack was a great Class President with leadership and humor."

"If you knew Jack, you'll know why I do these things – sharing Jack. That's exactly what Jack did & would do, and I do, in his absence."

ECHO: Tenafly High School's Newsletter