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How well do you know Voyagers?

20 Episodes-20 questions. How do you add up? Each question is worth one point. There is an answer key link at the bottom, but no cheating like Voyager Drake! You can see your results under the quiz. Have fun!

1. What is the name of the pilot traveling with Mary Murphy?

a. Eddie Rickenbacker

b. Charles Lindbergh

c. Amelia Earhart

d. Manfred von Richthofen

2. After the Voyagers rescue Harriet Tubman, she admits that she is still a runaway slave from which state?

a. Idaho

b. Kentucky

c. Virginia

d. Maryland

3. In the red light zone of the Cuban Revolution,what was the wounded artist Remington's slogan for the death of F.D.R.?

a. "Walk softly and carry a big stick."

b. "Time waits for no man!"

c. "An Easterner meets Western Justice"

d. "CHARGE!"

4. Jeffrey figures out that Abiah Folger is the mother of what U.S. Politician?

a. Grover Cleveland

b. Chester A. Arthur

c. Howard Taft

d. Benjamin Franklin

5. How did the slave girl Medina ultimately save the lives of Lawrence of Arabia, Bogg and Jeff from capture in the underground crypt?

a. She dug a tunnel with her bare hands.

b. She distracted the captors by shouting and leading them in a different direction away from Bogg, Jeffrey and Lawrence.

c. She didn't save them, Bogg did with Lawrence's ammunition. 

d. She called for a revolt and the other prisoners ambushed their captors.

6. What infamous Mobster woos Cleopatra and tries to stop Babe Ruth from making his 60th Home run?

a. Al Capone

b. John Gotti

c. Lucky Luciano

d. Meyer Lansky

7. Which famous novel did Jeffrey inspire Charles Dickens to later write?

a. A tale of Two Cities

b. A Christmas Carol

c. Oliver Twist

d. Great Expectations

8. What is the name of the Pub where Bogg has to find Jean Lafitte?

a. The Feathered hen

b. The Cock and crown

c. Two maids from Bristol

d. The black sheep

9. After being rescued from a falling piano, Albert Einstein invites Bogg and Jeffrey to dine with him and his wife. What instrument might he be tempted to play?

a. The Piano

b. The flute

c. The harp

d. The violin

10. As he's defending Mrs. Lindbergh from the harassing reporters, what does Bogg brag to the one who throws a punch at him?

a. "I'm a Voyager! You ever hear of one?" 

b. "These hands are licensed weapons on 5 Continents!"

c. "Do you know what happens when a reporter gets punched by me? The same thing that happens to everyone else!" 

d. "I've seen my grandmother take a better swing than that!"

11. After retrieving the stolen money for the labor unions, How do Bogg and Jeff escape the growling, angry dog and union thieves?

a. Bogg tells him to sit and he obeys!

b. Jeffrey throws it a bone and the dog chases it down the opposite hallway. 

c. They jump out the window and race down the fire escape before the dog can attack.

d. Bogg pulls out his trusty beef jerky, tosses it at the dog and the union thieves all get knocked down.

12. All right, who's the famous cowboy with Annie Oakley on this Voyage?

a. Buffalo Bill Hickock

b. Buffalo Bill Cody

c. Wild Bill Cody

d. Jesse James

13. Why does Drake hate Phineas Bogg?

a. He beat him on the swim team at the Academy.

b. Bogg got a higher score than him on the final exams.

c. Drake hates Bogg? No way, they were best friends!

d. Bogg caught him cheating on the final exams

14. Who is Jackie Knox?

a. A pestering, female, army intelligence officer at Pearl Harbor who tries to stop Bogg and Jeff from getting on the base any way she can.

b. General McArthur's daughter who takes Bogg to the Battle of the bands.

c. A beautiful Hawaiian Native that is rescued by Bogg from a smoldering volcano.

d. The sick little girl young Bill Cody is trying to deliver the medicine to.

15. How did Jeffrey get bitten by a rabid dog?

a. He tried to pet him.

b. Voyager Olivia was prodding it with a stick into a corner and it attacked the weakest link.

c. Jeffrey didn't get bitten, Bogg did.

d. Pasteur released him from a cage and said, "Sic him boy! I have to see if my serum works!"

16. What would happen if the Soviets captured Werner Von Braun?

a. Communism would rule the world.

b. Ballet would never be the same.

c. The American's would lose the space race.

d. Nothing, he was supposed to be captured.

17. What is Veronica Bliss' specialty?

a. Cooking Chili

b. Dancing in the Ziegfeld Follies

c. Her lovely singing voice

d. She's a hostess at the Brown Derby.

18. How do Bogg and Jeff give confidence back to boxer Joe Louis?

a. The boys degrade him in front of all the guys to make him angry enough to fight Max Schmeling.

b. Bogg decides that he is going to fight Max Schmeling and takes Joe's place in the ring. 

c. Jeffrey uses inspiration from the Rocky movies and he and Bogg start an intensive training program to get Joe back into shape.

d. Joe Louis didn't need the help, it was Muhammad Ali.

19. Fill in the blank, "Jeffrey, I love, ( ? ) and she loves me!"

a. Mabel

b. Kayla

c. Tracy

d. Susan

20. Phineas Bogg inspired a main character from which novel by Jules Verne?

a. Around the world in Eighty days

b. 20,000 Leagues under the sea

c. From the earth to the moon

d. The Brothers Kip

Okay, you're finished! Now see how you scored!

Answer Key

Quiz Results Tally

0-5 Points – TSK! TSK!

Shame on you! Voyager Drake can do better than this, and he cheated on his finals! Go back and watch every episode again! 

6-10 pts – I still see a Red light!

It appears that you've seen some of this series. I would suggest more viewings or catching up on the episodes you missed. There were only 20! 

11-15pts – Welcome to VHQ!

Nice work, but a few more classes at Voyagers Academy may do you some good. A fair warning – Don't fall asleep in class (You never know when you'll hit that time zone like Bogg and the Kaurana Tribe!) and don't get distracted by blondes with moles!

16-20pts – Here's your omni, and here's your new Guidebook!

Congratulations! You are a true Voyagers! Fan. You can now proudly join the ranks of field worker. However, if you scored between 16 and 19, that means you still missed a few. Have no fear, even Phineas Bogg wasn't top of his class and he is the best Voyager in the cosmos! But...don't forget your Guidebook, we can't all have Jeffrey Jones the "history book in pants" with us!