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Original Voyagers! Scholastic Poster

A very special thanks to Dennis Daugherty for painstakingly scanning this poster in sections, then carefully piecing it together in Photoshop, color corrected and cleaned up. This poster is the only one of its kind!

Click on the poster to open it full size in a new window (approx. 43.4MB for the front. And 12.6 MB for the back.)

*Save the files full size from the new window, then take it to your local Staples or printing shop and get it printed out for your own wall. (
4765 × 6507 pixels)*

*Disclaimer: This is a scan of an original poster and is extremely rare. I have never seen the original sold on Ebay or other places in my years on the internet researching Voyagers. And I looked because I wanted one. If this poster starts cropping up on Ebay or other sale websites NOW, buyer beware. The real poster would have folds, tears, rips and be yellowed with age, because it came folded originally.

I am offering this to fans free as part of the archives and keeping Voyagers! memory alive. I make no claims to any copyrights. Don't be fooled into paying large amounts of money because someone is trying to pass it off as original.*