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Phineas Paradiso (The Beautiful and Sweetest images of Phineas Bogg

Voyagers! Banner Designs from Cafe Press

The Voyagers/Quantum Leap Mash-up!

Check out Greenpear's channel at Vimeo for over a hundred more awesome mash-ups, including the fan-favorite Time Traveler, Dr. Who!

Thanks to Rodolfo Gadea for finding this TV Guide Ad.

Omni Gifs

Created by Psychotic-Carp on Deviant Art.

Famous Monsters of Filmland #191 (Last Issue – 1983)

The article skewers facts here and there, but it has great pictures. Too see all the pages and a few more clippings, download the zip file of the entire 5 page article by clicking the link title below. (Ending with Voyagers! but starting with Knight Rider.)

Famous Monsters of Filmland #191 Full Article

1. The article mistakenly writes that Phineas Bogg was based off Jules Verne's character, 'Phineas Fogg.' However, the character in Verne's Around the World in 80 days is named PHILEAS.

2. Jeffrey Jones is described as the 'Puerto Rican' orphan. Perhaps the author thought Meeno Peluce to be of that ethnic descent. And The NYC Puerto Rican boys in the 70's-80's wore the long curls and thick afros too. Interesting fact: The name 'Jones' is of Dutch origin.

However, most fans would readily agree that Jeffrey is an Italian kid from New York City. And sometimes in Fanfics, I like to toss in a little Dutch on his father's side and play around with Jeffrey's ancestry during Bogg's pirate years. How else would you get the name, Jones?

3. The Omni is described as an Omni Chronometer. which leads me to believe this article was written way before the show aired. the word 'chronometer' was never used, not even in the famous Trial of Phineas Bogg episode. But it's evidence that the series went through a number of drafts and fine script tuning before the final product.

4. It is mistakenly noted that Bogg says the omni is used to "Kinda help history along." That was never said on the show. The proper line – depending on whether it's from the opening credits or the Pilot episode, is – "We're the people that are plucked out of time and trained to travel through the ages. To help history along, give it a shove (push) where it's needed."

5.  Another clue that the article writer read off a first draft script – Bogg and Jeff never landed in the Boston Tea Party before they met Mary Murphy and Eddie Rickenbacker in WWI. They never landed there at all in the entire series! But it would have been a great time zone to explore.

Voyagers! Turkish Political Satire (Clipping & Translation from Osman Özütler)

From the December 10th 1983 issue of the Turkish Magazine 'GIRGIR' which at the time had a weekly circulation of 1 million.

Translation in the cartoon balloon: "Hurry up!.You take us to the time that 1kg of White cheese will only cost us 10 Liras ($5 American dollars).  If you do not take us, I will hurt you!"

There was anarchy in Turkey at the ending of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties. The army took over the government by revolution in 12 September 1980.

As a result, inflation exploded. Everything was very expensive. The people are very anxious and desperate. The Caricaturist wanted to explain its response to the public for the high price increases.

In Turkey, the Voyagers! TV show was translated as Time Travel. The TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) is the first television broadcaster and national public broadcaster of Turkey.

A fun drawing created by Carlos Mucha for all his favorite shows, it was such a delight to see Bogg and Jeff!

Cafe Press is a unique website that employs original designs created by fans of just about anything. There are a number of Voyagers! designs up for your perusal and fans can buy them on tee-shirts, clocks, mugs, bumper stickers, bags and other items based on availability.

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Voyagers! Icons (Created by D'Angelo's Song)

With these 32 beautiful tiny icons, fans can promote Voyagers! and show off Bogg and Jeff in style on their forums, journals, and blogs. These particularly work best with Live Journal.

(Right click to save individuals from the slideshow or download the entire zip file here. )

Voyagers! Original Screencap Wallpapers

Remember these little gems from the early days of the internet? I finally found all of them full size! These were so adorable, and made with screencaps not off the dvds, but the televised, syndicated version of Voyagers! I like the way the film is contrast. And another throwback – a publicity photo from when the series was on The original Sci-Fi channel. The show eventually moved from Sundays at 10am to weekdays at 4pm in 1993-1994.

I remember watching it that way in the early nineties on the original SciFi Network. I still don't know for sure who made these. I spruced them up with a little color correction. If you recognize your work, drop me a line, I'd like to credit you. Click the wallpapers to view and save a larger size.