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Scott Bakula and Jon-Erik Hexum: Before there was Quantum Leap

A very tender and interesting tribute video using one of Elvis' most beautiful songs. Leapme1 from Youtube has created a video that showcases the similarities between Voyagers! and its successor on NBC, Quantum Leap. It is also a dedication to Jon-Erik Hexum, Phineas Bogg, and Dr. Sam Beckett, the two greatest time travelers ever!

Voyagers! New Series Trailer (By MG Cross)

What I consider a definitive Phineas Bogg Promo Photo! Scan obtained by VoyagerG.

Voyagers! Articles

TV Prevue-Voyagers! September 26th 1982

donated by Dennis Daugherty

This cover was for the West Coast Version of TV Guide. I found out after purchasing a TV Guide with the same date and 'Fame' on the cover. Sadly, the Voyagers! article was not in it. However, I scanned the Sunday Night listing to go with this cover from my copy. It's one of my favorite episodes, World's Apart. The article from this particular TV guide can now be found in my Voyagers Ads & Scans album. It is entitled: His cloud is bursting. (Cover scan donated by Dennis Daugherty, article by Martin Moser)

Download the full Article PDF.

Voyagers! Trade Ads (Donated by Dennis Daugherty)