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Exactly as the odds & ends pages suggest, here you will find lots of stuff like rare tape covers, a book cover, my musings on the DVDs and plenty more. This is the first of 3 Odds and Ends pages. Take your time and browse around. Have fun!

VoyagerG Productions designed special stationery to use when you feel like corresponding with your fellow Voyagers. The art of writing letters somewhat died out thanks to the advent of emails and live chats, (I am guilty of contributing to this demise.) However, there is something so special about receiving a handwritten letter from a good friend. I'm not a professional stationery designer, so hopefully my mistakes can be overlooked.

I thought it would be fun to try it out!

Visit the Stationery album to download the images full size- 8 x 11.

Reproduction of stationery the Official Meeno Peluce Fan Club used during its run with a cute drawing of Meeno as Jeffrey Jones. Click image to download full size. 

Read a funny, complimentary 4-Part Live Journal Blog about Voyagers! Written by Swordznsorcery. Make sure to start from the bottom up. The captions under the pictures are hilarious!

Swashbuckling and Time Travel!

Not sure. Probably Dramatic moment! Voyaging and Gladiator-who-has-just-had-an-inexplicable-blow-dry! Voyaging, Prohibition Gangster! Voyaging, and Oops, I Just destroyed Harry Houdini's Career! Voyaging!

An awesome fan-made and handpainted Voyagers! T-Shirt

The Brown box is an official DVD Region 2 box sold in England and Europe. Before the Official release of the DVD's underground sellers created their own boxes with converted fan-dub syndicated versions of the shows. I give them points for trying, they are very appealing. The computer generated image of the omni on the back is awesome.

Fan Made DVDs & Menus (Created by Jamie Fields)

An official Voyagers! DVD Release Poster and large production still from Created Equal. This scan of Jon-Erik Hexum in Roman garb is an absolute fan-favorite all over the Internet. I spot it on many blogs and websites wherever he or Voyagers is mentioned. Thanks to Martin (BlueCanvas2) for sending in a beautiful scan.

VoyagerG DVD Cover Review

If it looks a little worn, sorry, that's because this is a scan of my very used copy. Once again, I think the blends of these wonderful pictures could've been designed better. Photoshop users will know what I mean when I say there's too much gradient tool and/or airbrush erasing and it's a bit sloppy at that. 

Universal did not to put much effort into this release, especially considering the lack of extras or interviews. There could've been many interviews with Meeno Peluce, James Parriott, Jill Sherman and some of the other writers and cast members that appeared on the series.

And obviously they could've made a slamming Photo gallery! The DVD design for the United States only gets a B-.

IMO-There is way too much contrast on Jon's lips and the image, compared to Meeno's, is visually jarring. The open faced omni is gorgeous.


Has anyone guessed what the messy orange-red background is? It's an extreme close-up of the red light on the omni, looking very scratched and worn. I thought that was unique. 

Voyagers! Television Advertisements

hese were for the premier of Voyagers! Isn't it sweet to see how retro TV Guides often used such bombastic hand-drawn visuals to promote their shows? This particular rendering captures the essence of the characters, but is just a little off in their drawing of Jon-Erik Hexum.

His face is drawn too wide and his thick, shapely brows look like the pencil thin lines of the 1930's. Bogg got a tweezer happy. Jeffrey Jones is not wearing his trademark stripes, however he did wear the gray jacket and white shirt in the Pilot. Phineas Bogg never wore his shirt sleeves buttoned down to the wrist.

This ad makes it seem like Lincoln was mixed up with the Oliver Twist escapade. However, the two Voyages in The day the Rebs took Lincoln were entirely different.

Notice how they use a photo of the real Babe Ruth, and not actor William Lucking. From Cleo and the Babe.

Jon-Erik Hexum's promotional poster used for the Voyagers! SOS (Save our Show)

Two screencaps from NBC's Just Watch Us Now commercial. Jon-Erik plays up Bogg's goofiness.

The Voyagers! Junior Novel

My very worn copy of the 1982 Novelization for junior readers.

*This story may be taken from a very early first draft of the pilot episode. It is out of print, but copies can occasionally be found online in used bookstores and Ebay.*

On my Voyagers Guidebook blog I give very thorough and humorous chapter by chapter reviews of this book, there are 11 in all! Start from the bottom up.

Click to read VoyagerG's "The Voyagers! Junior Novel Analysis"

Crash! A fist smashes through Jeff's thirtieth floor bedroom window-followed by a frightened-looking man dressed in the strangest costume Jeff has ever seen! Jeff can't believe it. It has been an ordinary day, a day like any other, and now he's standing in his room facing this crazy stranger. The stranger turns out to be Bogg, a voyager-a time traveler-speeding through space and time, making sure history follows its proper course. But Bogg is having some trouble. His Omni, the device that guides his travels, is out of whack. And when Bogg falls out of 1982 and into 1450 B.C., he accidentally pulls Jeff along with him-and can't get back to the present. Jeff and Bogg are lost in time!

25th Anniversary Posters & The Voyager's Flag Emblem and WANTED Posters
(Collect them all!)

Download all the posters in the Voyagers! Posters Album!

Created By: Dennis Daugherty (Omni Productions)

Rare VHS Covers

I don't know who that boy is on the Voyager from the Uknown VHS box, but it's not Meeno Peluce, that's for sure. This boy has straight brown hair and his face is different. He reminds me more of a thinner Chunk (Jeff Cohen) from The Goonies movie.

Perhaps they didn't pay to use Peluce's image. And Jon-Erik Hexum's image is just passing.

Is that Han Solo? Wait, no it's Voyager Phineas Bogg!