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Jon-Erik Hexum

I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all the fans who kindly donated their personal articles, memorabilia, fan works, and images. I also thank everyone who visits the website and garners joy from it. If it weren't for the fans of Voyagers! and Jon-Erik, my tiny fansite dream would not have become so far-reaching a reality.

All the fine contributions help to make my website a huge, informative, and fun resource for Voyagers! It couldn't have been done without them – 9 years and counting! I want to thank the kind support, cooperation, and general guidance of the Jon-Erik Hexum Fanclub and Archive. I also want to send a shout-out to the website – Tenafly Guy. Working together has been a real fascinating experience and I hope to have many more.

"The secret of the young man's character, was a high and abstracted ambition. He could have borne to live an

undistinguished life, but not to be forgotten in the grave. Yearning desire had been transformed to hope; and hope, long cherished, had become like certainty, that, obscurely as he journeyed now, a glory was to beam on all his pathway, though not, perhaps, while he was treading it.  But when posterity should gaze back into the gloom of what was now the present, they would trace the brightness of his footsteps, brightening as meaner glories faded, and confess that a gifted one had passed from his cradle to his tomb with none to recognize him."

Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Ambitious Guest

"I feel it is a great fortune to have some passion in life and an urgency in direction; it makes our whole being so much fuller."  Jon-Erik Hexum

We Your Fans
By Cathi Bee (©2011)

A Poem

A Story

A Song and a Fanvid

Pictures and memories 

And decades of love


If this is the only way

To keep you

To love you

Like you were in life

Then this is what we do.

Bye and Hi.

We are so glad you are here.

This is our love

In words and in images

You will never die

Because where else can you be

But here in our work?

"…I have a generally consistent ability to regard myself objectively. I hope to be open, friendly, considerate and unpretentious." - Jon-Erik Hexum.

Photo scans by VoyagerG

Be sure to check out many more images in both Jon-Erik Hexum Articles and Scans albums in the Photo Gallery!


Hollywood Then and Now: James Dean~Jon-Erik Hexum: Only the good die young

By: Brian O'Dowd

Jon-Erik Hexum in Boy Crazy

Jon-Erik is the first of 18 rising young male stars to appear in this compilation book. In this interview it seems like Jon is pulling some chains with is his answers.

Gretha's Letter

Upon Jon-Erik's untimely death, his mother, Gretha Hexum, received an outpouring of support and condolences from all his fans worldwide. Because she couldn't address each one personally, she sent out one beautiful letter of thanks to everyone involved in his fan clubs.

Voyager to Success: Jon-Erik Hexum

Article donated by Dennis Daugherty.

TV: 2 Series, Partners in Crime and Cover Up

By: John J. O'Connor (Article is a copy in a word.doc format)

Download The original Jon-Erik Fan Club Newsletter 

Donated by Martin Moser.

Video Tributes
(Contributed by Voyagersfan, Voyagersguidebook, & BlueCanvas2 on Youtube)

Jon-Erik Pointillism and cross-hatching art progression: Created by Charles A. Vorster.

The Merry–Go–Round Playhouse Theater

In the Summer of 1981, Jon-Erik did Summer Stock Theater in Auburn, New York at the Merry Go Round Playhouse. Here are a bunch of articles which mention his performances in Guys and Dolls and The Unsinkable Molly Brown the latter in which he played the principle role of 'Leadville' Johnny Brown.

A big thanks to Mickey Lord, Doug Eames, and Dennis Daugherty for the photos and article copies.

In December 2007, People Magazine released a tribute book to celebrities whose lives were cut too short. Amazingly, Jon-Erik is featured on Page 87, with a beautiful picture and blurb. People magazine ran feautures on Jon-Erik during his career. It's very touching to see that although he died so young and soon into his career, he is remembered in this way. I'd like to attribute this recognizance to all the loving, hard work that fans have put in throughout the years to keep his memory alive. It once again made the mainstream media take notice. Yes, Jon-Erik Hexum is gone, but to many, not forgotten!