Voyagers Guidebook

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Hey it's that guy!

A fun compilation of "Those guys" including a few cute surprises.

David Cadiente

Created Equal: The first sparring Partner Spartacus knocks down at the beginning of episode.

Bully and Billy: Mexican guardsman on the right taking a siesta, he is rudely awakened when Bogg throws the dynamite.

The travels of Marco Polo...and Friends: Look closely. We get a two-for-one deal here with the Kaurana Guards. They almost get duped by Voyager Wolfstein and his coin trick gamut.

Sneak Attack: A soldier in the beginning of the episode corners Bogg and's the two-for-one, notice his partner? They must be descendants of the Kaurana guards! By this episode, David, has more lines.

All Fall down: David plays a trainer and friend of Joe Louis, and he's ready to kick Bogg's tuba in the ring before they boys omni out. Gee, I wonder how the Voyagers explained that one when they came back to help Joe?

Cover Up – Sudden Exposure: You have to be a total nerd and real Jon-Erik Hexum fan to notice this one! – David plays a crooked police officer in Mexico who gets a Karate kick off the truck by none other than Mac Harper. Later he gets elbowed face down in the back. I'm sure Jon-Erik made the connection.

William McLaughlin

Old Hickory and the Pirate: Hunky Explorer Merriwether Louis.

The Trial of Phineas Bogg: 7th Governor of Texas-Sam Houston and look who the captor is..our good friend, David Cadiente! I beginning to think he's a Voyager, too!

Created Equal: A young Roman guard blows the whistle on Bogg and Spartacus' escape. And in what I believe is a bit of creative writing, his very distant relative…'blows the whistle' so to speak on Harriet Tubman's escape during the poker match in the same episode!

Bully and Billy: Man smoking cigar in vest and black derby as Billy demands to find Roosevelt.

Agents of Satan: The actor plays a thug who gets kicked in the shin by Jeffrey.

World's Apart: Commandant's Turkish guards who exposes Lawrence of Arabia. The same guard also notices Lawrence's escape during the fire distraction Bogg created. If anyone knows his name, I'd love to add it here.

Gregory Itzin

Bully and Billy: As Journalist Richard Harding Davis

Pursuit: Playing a German scientist named Ernst. Later, he and Jeffrey make a dangerous bike ride through the forest to find the American soldiers.

Pilot: Bill Jones in Jeffrey's pirate dream and in the family portrait.

Created Equal: Did Bogg just punch out Bill Jones? Nahh, it's only a Roman guard, right? Is it Jeffrey's ancestor?