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We are all familiar with Bogg's gorgeous pirate garb. In my opinion it is more reminiscent of a 1930's Erroll Flynn Pirate movie than an actual 17th Century Buccaneer. But nonetheless, it has all the familiar trappings of a pirate and that's entirely good enough for this fan! The only thing Bogg's missing is a Pirate cutlass. I've taken note of the variations I've seen in Bogg's costume from the Pilot episode, certain Promotional photos, and then in latter episode Voyagers of the Titanic and onward. I've noticed differences in the boots between the series and the promo pics as well.

We now have some first hand information thanks to Bill Petersen! Back in the 80's, Bill was at a Sci-Fi convention and one of the speakers was costume designer/Supervisor Jan Kemp. He mentioned that among his many designs, he had designed the costumes for Voyagers. After his talk, Bill asked him why he decided upon the pirate look for the Bogg character.

Kemp told Bill that after much consideration, he chose a look that could be accepted in most time periods without drawing too much attention. He then went on to tell about the Jeffrey Jones look. His inspiration was Norman Rockwell's depiction of American life; he decided to go for the traditional "all American boy" look. Striped shirt, jeans and sneakers.

I did a little digging and Jan Kemp is most famous for designing the costumes for the original Batman series from the 1960's! He designed the costumes for Batman, Robin and a slew of colorful villains. If you are a fan, you can read all about that here.

The Bogg costume as worn in the Pilot Episode. In the DVD transfer, the Baby Moses scene has some funky coloring going on. Orange lips and all! It must've been damaged film. It's very saturated and bright, so that could account for the reason why Bogg's vest is very light-orange tanned as compared to the entire run of the series.

These promos feature just the vest. It's possible they may have wanted just that in the beginning, but thankfully changed their minds! The dude needs a shirt. I'm sorry. No matter how stunning Bogg looks, no shirt, no service.

In the Voyagers Junior Novel (Bogg and Jeff's first adventure as seen in the Pilot) there's a fascinating description of the Bogg outfit. It's very unlike what we saw on the show. There were so many changes to the whole Pilot that I am inclined to believe the author worked off an early draft of the Voyagers! script.

This prompted me to write a humorous chapter by chapter analysis that can be read under the 2009 posts on my blog. This outfit is like the space-time continuum exploded and bits and pieces of historical garments from every century just landed on him! And this Bogg has war wounds!

"When he turned back, he saw a six-foot man wearing a get-up that might have been put together from a costume designer gone mad. Jeff had already seen the pirate boots, and he recognized them as seventeenth century Spanish. Tucked into the boots was a pair of dueling pants, probably from eighteenth century France. Running from the waist up and over the shoulders was a gun belt. Jeff guessed that it was once worn by one of Pancho Villa's men in Mexico.

The man's chest was bare, and the criss-crossed gun belt covered most of a saber scar. Over the gunbelt, he wore a leather vest that Jeff couldn't identify at all. It was probably from ancient England. All this was partly covered by a coat like the one Napoleon wore, though it was moth-eaten and dirty. All together, he looked like a combination of every adventure movie hero Jeff had ever seen."

Yep, I guess they wanted Phineas looking like the male version of THIS!––>

Bogg's "new" vest (Thought we wouldn't notice, aye?)

I'm still stunned over this change. When the budget was cut, did Bogg's original vest fly out the window? Why get rid of it? Where did it go? This looks like FELT. The conspicuous rip is still there. Phineas managed to afford a haircut and a clean new shirt and the vest is missing those large dirt smudges. But all that and he couldn't get the vest tailored on the shoulder?

Did the actual vest get damaged on set? Or was this part of the conspiracy to appease the television censors and clean up Bogg's act? Bogg had to look neater and sharper, even if his chest was more exposed than ever before. At least in this episode. I guess it was most noticeable because in keeping with historical and social mores, Molly Brown actually tells him to get a shirt!

Off-Screen Hazards

After I received this clipping from a fan, you can imagine my surprise when I saw Jon had a big white bandage over his eye. I am no stranger to eye problems, I suffered through a severe infection and corneal abrasion for nearly a year of my life at one time. So I easily imagined the pain, itching, and watering he went through.

However, rather than behave like a simpering mess as I did, (With the eye problem that is!) Jon took it like the man he was. Jon-Erik was tough and strong. He had a TV show to make and fans to appease. There would be no lying down or crying over this. (Like I did nearly every day!)

For a while this clipping remained a mystery, until friends from my sister site, Tenafly Guy, sprung into action. (I feel like Charlie's Angels!)

All I can say is many thanks to Kim for making contact with Meeno Peluce and getting the real scoop! And of course a big thank you to Meeno for going above and beyond with his answer. –VG

"If I remember correctly, Jon-Erik, which is what I always called him - Jack was from his pre - Hollywood, mid-west life - had gotten a speck under his contact lens and it had rubbed a little hole in his cornea. There were always explosions going off around us on the show. Or it might just have been the wind whipped up on the back lot of Universal. It can really get itself into a fury there in the backside if the Hollywood Hills, as it was this past weekend when I was shooting Gaga there. (*That's Lady Gaga!-VG)

At first Jon-Erik just had an itchy eye - remember he was superman, immune to all ills, up running in the sand in Venice before the sun was up so he could make it in his beater car to the set in time for a giant day and then the gym after.  But the itching eye didn't stop and so they got a doctor out to the set. He diagnosed a bad scratch, deep and threatening if he didn't immediately tend to it. So all of a sudden he was eye patched over and we were trying to shoot scenes around him.

That didn't last very long and we got a couple days off like a school holiday. And of course when there was work on Voyagers! The next day we all missed it terribly.

That crew was a real family and we prided ourselves on taking care of each other.

 I was easy because I was shielded from over work by child labor laws. But Jon-Erik was on constantly. Long hours shooting and then staying fit. And then there was all the attention that the women that guest-starred in the show demanded, after wrap.

And there was one Universal Studios Tour guide we were both in love with. He and I even went once to one of their weekly meeting where they talked about what it meant to be a tour guide and how you brought that to bare on being a struggling actor. Jon and I just mooned over that one girl; small, pert, short cropped blond hair, a girl right out of a Hemingway novel. Wish I could remember her name. Wish I could ask Jon her name." 

- M E E N O

The Bogg Belt Buckle and Emblem

I discovered above the eagle are the words "E Pluribis Unum." Those words in Latin mean "Out of many, one." Or "Out of all things one, one out of all things." Another simpler translation could be, 'We're all in this together.'

This phrase is on the national seal of the United States and was used as a de facto motto of the Nation from 1776 until 1956 when the motto became "In God We Trust." Bogg's entire buckle is in fact, a replica of the United States seal.

It's cool to know the history behind the belt buckle since it's not visible on the show without the aid of a step-frame function on the DVD player and a screen-capping program. I once thought it to be a pirate design or a spread-winged falcon and never noticed the wording.