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Fun Facts

Much thanks to my eagle-eyed contributor, Nadia, and others for helping me compile this list. If you have any interesting and fun tidbits to add, please email me.

1. In Back to the Future, Marty McFly travels throughout time using the date November 5th. Jon-Erik Hexum was born on November 5th. Totally coincidental?

2. The omni landings sometimes consisted of 30ft drops from the sky. Jon and Meeno were allowed to perform the 5ft landings, but the rest were left up to stunt people.

3. What is the most asked question on Voyagers?: "Where are we?"

4. Jill Sherman and James Parriott both worked together on The incredible Hulk before joining forces for Voyagers! Many actors in Voyagers! had appeared on the Hulk series, including Meeno Peluce in the famous "Married" episode from Season 2.There were also many of the same directors and writers.

5. Furniture: The lamp beside Jeffrey's chair when he awakens from the dream in the Pilot is the same lamp in Margaret's room in Agents of Satan. Mrs. Jones must have bought it at a garage sale and it once belonged to Margaret in the twenties...and, the same lamp may have been in Lorelai's living room on Gilmore Girls.

7. Mabel Hubbard's blue dress in Barriers of Sound is the same dress worn by the Princess in Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley play the palace.

8. The set used for Jeffrey's dream sequence in the Pilot, is also prison of Akaba, and the training ring of Capua.

9. The Castle set from An Arrow Pointing East and Buffalo Bill is also the Roman Arena.

10. The inside of Wright's cycle shop is the same set as Edison's lab, Lucky Luciano's speakeasy, and possibly Fagin's and Sikes' hideout.

11. The opening shots of London in both The day the Rebs took Lincoln and Jack's Back is footage from Mary Poppins.

12. Speaking of Mary Poppins, Actress Karen Dotrice, who played Marian Brownlow (Dickens' fiancee) also played little Jane Banks in the Disney classic musical version.

13. The apartment of Jeffrey's great-grandparents in Merry Christmas, Bogg is also Alexander Graham Bell's Apartment and Lab.

14. The inside of the "Two Maids from Bristol" in Old Hickory and the Pirate is the same as the one of the "Royal Stoy Tavern" in Merry Christmas, Bogg and the "Cock and Crown" in Jack's back.

15. The tree-lined surroundings of Rome in Cleo and the Babe are also Sherwood Forest in An arrow pointing East.

16. In Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley play the Palace, In the background of the castle you can see an English and an American flag, and the American is modern with 50 stars!

17. Bogg's original boots in the Pilot have zippers on them. (This is only a gaffe if those boots are supposed to be authentic 17th Century.)

18. At the beginning of The travels of Marco Polo…and friends you see a shop in the background called "Salob & Sons." This is most likely a tribute to Second Unit director, Lorin Bennett Salob, much like "Sherman Jewelers" where Cleopatra trades in her jewelry in Cleo and the Babe is a tribute to Jill Sherman.

19. Jeffrey's Nikes must've been standard time traveler footwear of the 80's, because they are the same ones Marty McFly wears in Back to the Future! However Nike sneakers didn't have as much variety in the early 80's as they do today.

20. In Agents of Satan, The platform next to the prison window (where the "Hear ye, hear ye" judge stands towards the end of the episode.) is the same spot where they capture Spartacus after his first escape attempt, and also where they placed the entrance to the "Cock and Crown" pub in Jack's back.

21. The church of Salem is not only the same as in the Western town of Sneak attack, but also has two large windows in the front, at both sides of the door. But when you look at the door from the inside, there are just blank wooden walls where the windows should be.

22. November 13th, 1692, wasn't a Friday, it was a Thursday. (Correction: It was a Sunday. The British Empire was still using the Julian Calendar in those days. It would only have been a Thursday under the Gregorian Calendar, which is what we use now. (Swordznsorcery)

23. Sneak Attack – there's one scene where a technician is sitting at a radio, and on the wall behind him there's a poster: It says "Make nursing your war job." War job? What war? They didn't even know yet that the Japanese were going to attack! Talk about advertising early. (Duly noted by Swordznsorcery.)

24. If you look quick in Cleo and the Babe, when Bogg and Cleo make a landing in the Horse and Buggy in 20's New York, you can briefly see them (or the stunt people) jumping off the raised platform on the left, a few feet above the carriage. You can see the platform again near the end when Bogg, Jeff, and Cleo land in the bushes back in Rome.

25. In Merry Christmas, Bogg there's a "Rotunno's Barber Shop" in the street, where Jeff's great-grandparents live. Likely named for Edward Rio Rotunno – Cinematographer for 3 episodes – Created Equal, Bully and Billy, and Sneak Attack.

26. WHACK! THWACK! Ever look closely at the swords in Created Equal? In most scenes, they're obviously made of wood! Even the sound effects during the battle doesn't sound like clanging steel. This is quite possibly a ploy to appease the dreaded TV censors that criticized the series for being too violent. In this particular episode during the battle scenes, the stunt doubles are very noticeable in every other camera angle. You sometimes wonder why they even needed one at those times, especially if Jon-Erik can jump 3 feet high above a sword thrust...and I checked, that sword was made of metal!

27. In the episode Pursuit there is a storefront named "Steinhauer's" – a nod to Robert Bennett Steinhauer, a Producer on the series.

28. The Salt Lake City airport in All fall down is really San Francisco International.

29. In Cleo and the Babe, Bogg and Jeff are standing in the dugout after Bogg tells the coach he's a better ball player than Ruth. You can clearly see the omni on his belt clip beneath his vest, however a few seconds later When they stroll up to the coach, it's noticeably gone!

30. The many hazards of being a Voyager!: In the opening credits, when Bogg looks at the omni and says the famous, "Green light kid, we did it!" – Jon's thumb is healing from a major bruise, thanks to Meeno slamming a door on it off camera. ;)

31. In Cleo and the babe, Bogg is eating the hotdog, and aside from the relish spill, (heehee) you can see the knuckles on his left hand are scabbed.

32. Late actress Andrea Akers, played the barmaid/thief/kidnapper, Lizzie Palmer in the Episode Old Hickory and the Pirate. Ms. Akers was known to be an extremely intelligent philanthropist. Andrea was a descendant of William Ellery, who signed the Declaration of Independence. Her grandfather was John Russell Pope, the architect of the Jefferson Memorial, and her father, Anthony B. Akers, was ambassador to New Zealand.

33. As another nod to producer Robert Bennett Steinhauer, the news-stand in Cleo and the babe is named after him. You can see it from this screen cap, but can probably see it better if you watch the scene.

34. In All fall down both boxing fights with Joe Louis – The one where he loses, and the one where he wins, were most likely filmed together, he's wearing the same boxer shorts and it's the same referee.

35. Look closely at Nellie Bly's outfit in Jack's Back. She is wearing the traditional Sherlock Holmes plaid overcoat and hat. It could've served as inspiration for Conan Doyle's character since the two met in this episode! That iconic costume was designed by Artist Sidney Paget a few years after the original stories were published.

If the Voyagers history were true, then Doyle may have remembered Nellie's outfit and described it to Paget. Also of note, Sherlock Holmes was not the original name of the character created by Doyle. It was Sherrinford. The scientist-turned-writer changed the name once the novels became mainstream.

36. Fans of the 1977 Disney film Pete's Dragon may be seeing double. The character of Dr. Terminus is wearing the same exact cape as Bogg in the tavern scene of the episode, Merry Christmas, Bogg! The storehouse of props and costumes at Universal is obviously recyclable. It's a really cool cloak & cape.

37. Mabel Hubbard's college in Barrier's of Sound has a building called "Thiel Hall." It is a nod to Voyagers! writer Nick Thiel.

38. Who knew the Romans were so advanced that they invented plastic helmets? They were always building monuments and temples, so this would be the perfect substitute for a hardhat.

39. Check out the Mannequin in the store window from Cleo and the Babe. She's wearing the latest in Twenties Voyager fashion. Red is the new green and vice versa!

40. Thanks to another eagle-eyed fan, Yamato, he discovered 2 goofs in the episode All Fall Down. First, the scene where Bogg is about to get pummeled in a boxing match by one of Joe Louis' bitter friends. The boys leave for the cosmos with gloves, and when they land back after the plane adventure, there's the gloves on again. The stock footage of cosmo flying from the Pilot ep. was used. 

41. In the Airplane hijack scene, Jeffrey removes the briefcase into the cockpit, but 2 minutes later in a still shot of a Bogg and terrorist unconscious, it's back in the passenger room again!