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The Voyagers! Episode Guide To the Cosmos

Download: The Voyagers Episode Guide to the Cosmos

For nearly eight months between 2009 and 2010, I worked with two great fans on a Top Secret Voyagers! project. We have created for your reading pleasure –  a vivid, comprehensive Episode Guide of quirky, yet elegant design. It has 25 pages that includes pictures, trivia bits, full summaries and bios for Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce, along with whatever we could find on 3 members of the cast from "The trial of Phineas Bogg." 

It is a labor of love for the series and all the fans that exist and continue to find this show in numbers like never before. It is free – and not for re-sale. It is available to download in a PDF format due to its size. All we ask is that you enjoy it and continue to keep this TV show close to your heart!

Voyagers! An Episode Guide to the cosmos by Voyager G-Omni-BlueCanvas Productions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

1. Pilot

First aired: 10/3/1982

Production Code: 83492

A time traveler, Phineas Bogg, accidentally materializes outside the bedroom of an 11-year old orphan, Jeffrey Jones, in 1982. The adventures begin with helping an actress and flying ace in WWI. But they must also help the feuding Wright Brothers to continue designing the airplane in order to get a green light!

Writer: James D. Parriott

Director: James D. Parriott

Guest star: Ed Begley Jr. (Wilbur Wright), Donald Petrie (Orville Wright), Sondra Currie (Agnes Spence), Peter Frechette (Eddie Rickenbacker), Faye Grant (Mary Murphy), Jeanie Bradley (Aunt Elizabeth), Terrence O'Hara (Tom)

2. Created Equal

First aired: 10/10/198

Production Code: 57205

Arriving in Italy in 73 B.C., the pair discover that Spartacus is sent to die in the arena in Rome. This alters history and prevents him for leading the slave revolt in Capua. Afterward, it's off to Missouri, where Bogg and Jeffrey try to win back the freedom of young Harriet Tubman with the help of Sam Clemens, otherwise known as Mark Twain.

Writer: Nick Thiel

Director: Virgil Vogel

Guest star: Ed Bakey (Mr. Bastain), Leigh Hamilton (Octavia), Rossie Harris (Young Sam Clemens), Fay Hauser (Harriet Tubman), Robin Ignico (Calpernia), Dan Pastorini (Spartacus), Jay Robinson (Cicero), Tim Rossovich (Thamaras), Ian Abercrombie (Bitiatus), Duke Stroud (Sheriff), Gary Allen (Sandy), Darin Willis (Cabin Boy), Dorothy Chace (Woman), Tony Epper (Junior), David S. Cass Sr. (Andrew), Chuck Hicks (Guard #1), Gary Epper (Guard #2), Terry Leonard (Guard #3), Sal Landi (Guard #4)

3. Bully and Billy

First aired: 10/24/1982

Production Code: 57203

Jeff and Bogg arrive in the Cuban revolution to find history changed because Teddy Roosevelt never led the charge up San Juan Hill. This leads them to a confrontation with Billy the Kid in the wild west and Phineas must step in to save Roosevelt at all costs.  

Writer: B.W. Sandefur

Director: Virgil Vogel

Guest star: Gregg Henry (Teddy Roosevelt), Frank Koppala (Billy the Kid), Gina Gallego (Rita Dela Rosa), Alan Stock (?), Fredd Wayne (Ben Franklin), Jon Lindstrom (Remington), Robert O'Sullivan (Soldier), Sid Conrad (Sheriff), Lee Kessler (Maggie), Don Maxwell (Bartender), Ismael 'East' Carlo (Jorge), Miguel Sandoval (Ned Dawson), Gregory Itzin (Davis), Wilfredo Hernández (Miguel)

4. Agents of Satan

First aired: 10/31/1982

Production Code: 57202

Bogg and Jeff land in colonial Massachusetts. Their arrival is witnessed by a local who has them arrested as witches. Benjamin Franklin's mother is also under accusation, and if she dies, history changes. The Voyagers must help Harry Houdini expose a phony medium at great risk!

Writer: James D. Parriott

Director: Alan J. Levi

Guest star: Earl Boen (Reverend Parris), Marta DuBois (Margaret), Michael Durrell (Harry Houdini), Jennifer Holmes (Abigail Folger), Andy Wood (Francis Scott Key), Guy Stockwell (Reverent Noise)

5. Worlds Apart

First aired: 11/7/1982

Production Code: 57217

The Voyagers are separated: Bogg is with Lawrence of Arabia, while Jeff is stranded in the 1800's with Thomas Alva Edison. Can Bogg help Lawrence escape? Watch how Jeffrey gives Edison back his confidence to create the ultimate invention. And, with the Omni in pieces, will he ever get back to Bogg?

Writer: James D. Parriott, Jill Sherman

Director: Ron Satlof

Guest star: Robert Ackerman (JP Morgan), Tony Brafa (Boehn), Shanit Keter (Medina), Lynn Seibel (Lowery), Marius Mazmanian (Prisoner), Michael Horsley (Upton), Judson Scott (Lawrence of Arabia), Steven Keats (Thomas Edison), Mary Kate McGeehan (Mary Edison), Arthur Rosenberg

6. Cleo and the Babe

First aired: 11/14/1982

Production Code: 57201

The Voyagers inadvertently bring Cleopatra forward in time to prohibition-era New York City, where she encounters gangster Lucky Luciano. They must also stop Babe Ruth from quitting baseball altogether! See Bogg's pitching action as he goes up against the best hitter of all time!

Writer: Jill Sherman

Director: Bernard McEveety

Guest star: Richard Morof (Telegraph Worker), Dan Kern (Sir Isaac Newton), Don Boughton (Man #1), Michael J. London (Doorman), George Sawaya (Senator), Charles C. Stevenson (Reporter #2), David Blackwood (Man #2), Clint Young (Announcer), John Achorn (Reporter #1), Ed McCready (News Vendor), Andrea Marcovicci (Cleopatra), Michael Gregory (Lucky Luciano), William Lucking (Babe Ruth), Ken Swofford (Mr. Barrow), Norman Snow (Marc Antony)

7. The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln 

First aired: 11/21/1982

Production Code: 57204

On their way to rescue President Lincoln, who has been kidnapped by Confederate soldiers, the Voyagers are briefly diverted to 1832 London where they encounter young author Charles Dickens and get caught in an Oliver twist-like adventure!

Writer: Robert Janes

Director: Bernard McEveety

Guest star: Ray Colbert (Rebel Officer), Alex Daniels (Mess Line Guard), Donald Durrell (Lt. Bates), Alexa Hamilton (Jane Phillips), Suki Goodwin (Ad Lib Woman), Julian Barnes (Ad Lib Man), Nicky Katt (Jack), Ross Evan (Officer), Glenn Morrissey (Lincoln Guard), Cameron Dye (Steve), Allan Lurie (Gate Guard), John Anderson (Abraham Lincoln), Karen Dotrice (Marion), Rachel Bard (Mrs. Lincoln), Alex Hyde-White (Charles Dickens), Robert Phalen (Fagin)

8. Old Hickory and the Pirate 

First aired: 11/28/1982

Production Code: 57216

Jeffrey and Bogg talk the pirate, Jean Lafitte, into leaving the beautiful Bahamas for New Orleans where General Jackson is going to need his help against the Red Coats. Can they defeat the pirates and greedy maidens?

Writer: Robert Janes

Director: Peter Crane

Guest star: Lance LeGault (Gen. Andrew Jackson), Tricia O'Neil (Annie), Andrea Akers (Lizzie), A. Michael Baldwin (Jim)

9. The Travels of Marco Polo... and Friends

First aired: 12/3/1982

Production Code: 57212

Jeff and Bogg arrive in 1930's New York and meet retired Voyager, Isaac Wolfstein. This leads to an adventure with Marco Polo and his family to reclaim the sacred oil. Will Jeffrey and Isaac EVER see eye to eye? And can Bogg save his young friend and the Polo's before they are lost forever?

Writer: James D. Parriott

Director: Paul Lynch

Guest star: Mako, Patricia Donahue (Clara Barton), Nathan Adler (Albert Einstein), Paul Comi, Keye Luke, Jesse Borja (Khan's Guard), John Brandon (Mover), Michael Fox (Isaac Wolfstein), Julius Harris (Auctioneer), Richard Lee Sung (Tartar), Paul Regina (Marco Polo), Pat Ranella, Dale Reynolds (Reporter), Manu Tupou (Oxen), Michael Yama (Karauna Guard)

10. An Arrow Pointing East

First aired: 12/12/1982

Production Code: 57219

The Voyagers encourage Charles Lindburgh on the eve of his Trans-Atlantic flight, but bad weather and a guard dog may stop this historic event. The Voyagers also help Robin Hood sneak into an archery competition to rescue Maid Marian. 

Writer: Jill Sherman

Director: Ernest Pintoff

Guest star: Mills Watson (Friar Tuck), Jonathan Frakes (Charles Lindburgh), Wendy Fulton (Maid Marian), Denny Miller (Little John)

11. Merry Christmas, Bogg

First aired: 12/19/1982

Production Code: 57215

The Voyagers must go back in time to before the American Revolution to make sure that George Washington joins the American rebels rather than the British. Then in 1892 they help early union leader Samuel Gompers, and Jeffrey gets to meet his great grandfather, a lawyer helping the labor cause. Will this be the last voyage for Bogg and Jeffrey?

Writer: Bruce Shelly

Director: Ron Satlof

Guest star: Anne Lockhart (Amy Jones), Peter Donat (George Washington), Kelly Jean Peters (Mrs. Washington), Mike Brick (Young George Washington), Joe Dorsey (Samuel Gompers), John O'Connell (Stephen Jones)

12. Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley Play the Palace

First aired: 1/9/1983

Production Code: 57214

First, the Voyagers help Albert Schweitzer in his efforts to bring medical aid to a dying African tribal chief. Then they arrive in 1887 to help Annie Oakley, who is with Buffalo Bill's circus that is in England to perform for Queen Victoria. When a sneaky Russian duke conspires to marry the princess, only the Voyagers can step in to delay the wedding!

Writer: Jill Sherman

Director: Alan J. Levi

Guest star: Diane Civita (Annie Oakley), Robert Donner (Buffalo Bill Cody), Lurene Tuttle (Queen Victoria), Christopher Cary (Dr. Albert Schweitzer), Stan Sells (Grand Duke Michael)

13. The Trial of Phineas Bogg

First aired: 1/16/1983

Production Code: 57221

Phineas Bogg is on trial for breaking the Voyagers code of ethics. This leads to a showdown with his old enemy, Drake, the prosecuting lawyer. And a reunion for Bogg with a school crush named Susan, Bogg's only defense.

Writer: Jill Sherman

Director: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.

Guest star: Stephen Liska (Drake), Bill McLaughlin (Sam Houston), Jenny Neumann (Susan), Harry Townes (Professor Garth), Barbara Beckley (Brindle), Will Gill, Jr. (Kane)

14. Sneak Attack

First aired: 2/13/1983

Production Code: 57223

Arriving at Pearl Harbor on 6 December 1941, the Voyagers try to warn General MacArthur about the Japanese attack. Phineas meets Jackie and helps her win her father's trust, but first the voyagers have to win hers! Then they end up in 1860's Utah to help a young Buffalo Bill Cody with the Pony Express mail service.

Writer: Harry Longstreet

Director: Paul Stanley

Guest star: Ike Eisenmann (Bill Cody), Brianne Leary (Jackie Knox), Dana Elcar (Col. Knox), David Graf (MP Sgt.), Frank Marth (General Douglas MacArthur), Robin Hoff (Tina), Chris DeRose (Private Max (as Christopher DeRose)

15. Voyagers of the Titanic

First aired: 2/27/1983

Production Code: 57224

Phineas and Jeffrey assist a fellow female Voyager, Olivia, who is trying to recover the stolen Mona Lisa from a thief aboard the doomed ocean liner Titanic. Then in 1884 France, Jeffrey is bitten by a rabid dog and his only chance of survival is treatment with a new vaccine invented by Louis Pasteur. Bogg's school rival becomes a romantic interest.

Writer: Jill Sherman, James D. Parriott

Director: Winrich Kolbe

Guest star: Fionnula Flanagan (Molly Brown), Will Kuluva (Louis Pasteur), Tracy Brooks Swope (Olivia Dunne), Lee De Broux (Haggerty)

16. Pursuit

First aired: 3/6/1983

Production Code: 57222

In order for the future American Space Program to succeed, the Voyagers must go back to Austria just after the end of World War II and prevent rocket scientist Werner Von Braun from being captured by the Soviets.

Writer: Renee Schonfeld-Longstreet, Harry Longstreet

Director: Alan Myerson

Guest star: David Olivier (Werner Von Braun), Gregory Itzin, Monique Van De Ven (Erika Shoemacher), Cliff Taylor (Fred Schneiker), Bo Brundin (Otto), Robert O'Reilly (Klaus)

17. Destiny's Choice

First aired: 3/13/1983

Production Code: 57225

Phineas and Jeffrey journey to 1924, Hollywood and realize they must convince Franklin D. Roosevelt to give up a career as a film director and go into politics instead. They help a pretty silent film actress with a troubled suitor and try to stop the sabotage on Roosevelt's film.

Writer: Jill Sherman

Director: Paul Stanley

Guest star: Nicholas Pryor (Franklin Delano Roosevelt), Ellen Geer (Eleanor Roosevelt), Bonnie Urseth (Veronica Bliss), Angela Clarke (Mrs. Roosevelt)

18. All Fall Down

First aired: 3/27/1983

Production Code: 57227

The Omni lands Bogg and Jeff in New Jersey, 1938, where they find Joe Louis ready to quit boxing. Joe must regain confidence and prepare for his rematch with Max Schmeling.  Jeffrey is the only one conscious on a 1970 flight en route to New York! Can he fly the plane on his own without Bogg's help?

Writer: Renee Schonfeld-Longstreet, Harry Longstreet

Director: Ron Satlof

Guest star: John Hancock (Jack), L.Q. Jones, Robert F. Lyons (Stewart), Jim McKrell, Roger Robinson, Sam Scarber (Joe Louis), Michael Swan, Mischa Hausserman (German Broadcaster), Momo Yashima (Phyllis), David Kotch (David), Walt Hanna (Jimmy Carter Lookalike), Richard Alden (Archer), Leigh Kavanaugh (Patty), Lee Weaver (Dave), Jim B. Smith (Ground Control #2), David Cadiente (Fred), Steve Buckingham (Billy)

19. Barriers of Sound

First aired: 6/12/1983

Production Code: 57226

The Voyagers appear in 1890 in Texas, and find that Dwight Eisenhower's mother is unable to give birth to him because of the absence of a doctor and the telephone. The voyagers meet Alexander Graham Bell, and Bogg must make one of the ultimate sacrifices for the telephone to be invented.

Writer: Nick Thiel

Director: Bernard McEveety

Guest star: Linwood Boomer (Dr. Watson), Kip Gilman (Alexander Graham Bell), Lou Mulford (Mabel Hubbard), Bill Erwin, John Randolph, Paddi Edwards (Maid), Dan Frischman (Walter), Read Morgan (Policeman), Kevin Kovacs (Georgie)

20. Jack's Back

First aired: 7/10/1983

Production Code: 57228

Bogg and Jeff land in 1889 London and save famous world-traveller Nellie Bly from Jack the Ripper with the help of writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Jeffrey gives him back the desire to write the Sherlock Holmes mysteries again.

Writer: James D. Parriott, Sara Parriott

Director: Dean Zanetos

Guest star: Julia Duffy (Nellie Bly), Michael Ensign (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), Gerry Gibson (Inspector Lestrod), Stephen Liska (Drake), Michael Hadlow (Barkeep), James Garrett (Cockney #1), B.J. Turner (Bobbie), Peter Ashton (Cockney #2), Terance Pushman (Cockney #3), Wayne Wasserman (Cockney #4), Joi Staton (Spectator #1)